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The Networked Approach and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Case

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is known as one of the leading hospitals in the country which provide effective form of pediatric services. The focus and ultimate aim of the management of this particular health organization to provide convenient, accessible, and cost-effective health and care services to the patients of the community. The CHOP Care Network aimed to provide plenty of health services to the citizens which can be categorized from routine primary care to the complex form of health needs and requirements. Mr. Madeline bell is the President and Chief Operating Officer of the organization. He always comes up with the necessary and effective approach of the network to face the challenges of the competitive paradigm of the healthcare sector (Porter, Daly, & Dervan, 2010). It is crucial for the management to consider different insights related to the effective approach for health and care facilities to the patients. Here the focus is to identify necessary insights to address different challenges and opportunities effectively and efficiently in the case of CHOP.

It is immensely crucial for the CHOP organization to consider the necessary insight into the modern form of information technology. It can be the feasible and effective approach of the organization to align its health and care services to the facet of modern techniques. It is crucial for the management of the organization to consider the importance of the advancement of technology (Geisler & Heller, 2012). Organizations and people getting more dependent on the facet of the technology so it can be an effective approach to integrate health services to the smart applications of the recent technology. The growing challenge of today’s health sector can only be achieved by properly availing of the opportunity of technological advancement. The particular actions of consideration of smartphone applications, patient sensors, and the form of telemedicine can be immensely feasible options to adopt the paradigm of the modern form of health and care sector.

Another facet of insight that can play a vital role in the further growth and development of the CHOP health organization is to immensely focus on the perspective of research. The feature of necessary research work can be a great source to understand the changing pattern of the health and care market. It can be the source of the opportunity for the organization to take proactive and advanced measures to provide better health services to the patients. It is crucial for the higher management of the organization to consider the need for the research work on an immediate basis and invest a handsome amount of money to get more benefit from this particular approach. Different forms of innovation and healthcare development help organizations remain competitive as healthcare provider.

Undoubtedly, the feature of leadership is the one essential insight that plays a crucial role in the overall development of the health organization (Block & Manning, 2007). This particular approach of effective and flexible leadership is also necessary in the particular case of CHOP. The leader of the organization successfully tries to avail the opportunity of the proactive approach of leadership to provide better health facilities to the people at the lower cost. Proper alignment with the perspective of the board of governance can be a vital approach for the leader to effectively communicate the desired feature of performance from the employees.

To conclude this. It is crucial to mention that higher management of the CHOP organization is motivated to provide better and timely health services to the patients. They take necessary options to effectively meet the changing paradigm of the health and care environment. A necessary understanding of the different insights can be helpful for the management to show an effective form of commitment to the provision of health services.


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