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The Need For Child Care At Houston Community College Stafford

Executive Summary

The particular focus of this report is to address the issue of child care in the case of young parents who remain unable to continue their education. It has become a growing issue in the country as it is immensely difficult for parents to hire professional childcare services for their children and maintain their prospects of higher education. Community college campuses can play a positive role in the provision of childcare services for the children of the parent-student. The specific solutions of child care services are proposed in the particular case of Houston Community College Stafford. Proper implementation of child care services on the college campus by considering the most suitable and economically sound professional child care center services can be a feasible solution for the college to adopt.

It is crucial to understand that today, the feature of higher education is considered one of the major domestic priorities. People are striving to attain a higher education level as it is the one necessary source of economic growth and overall development. The concept of higher education in the country has enormously evolved over time. Individuals are more prone to attain higher education (“College and Higher Education,” 2018). This particular prospect can be examined through the country’s statistics, which clearly indicate that the United States of America attains the 12th rank among developed countries when it comes to the approach to education. It is also crucial to indicate that there are a number of reasons why some individuals remain unable to continue their education. It is a somewhat tragic and problematic issue related to the progress of the education sector in the country. It needs time to deeply explore different issues that hinder many individuals from continuing their education to a higher level. It is observed that there are many reasons why students do not continue their education. One prominent feature that can be assessed in this manner is that some couples are not able to continue their education due to the responsibility of their children. There are a number of couples in the country who do not have enough monetary and social resources to leave their children to attend college. It became immensely difficult for them to proceed with their college education with the children. Undoubtedly, it becomes a difficult scenario for the couple to create a balance between their education and the feature of childcare. Either the wife or the husband has to stay at home to take care of their child. It is necessary for many couples because most young married couples are not economically sound enough to hire a nanny for their child, either part-time or full-time.


The focus of this particular report is to highlight the issue and the necessary need for “Child care” facilities at “Houston Community College Stafford.” It is the one major issue because of which husband and wife cannot continue their education at the college level. It seems immensely difficult for married couples to attend education at the college level because they do not have an effective solution related to the prospect of care for their children. The particular institute of “Houston Community College Stafford” is selected to highlight the issue of lack of childcare, which ultimately decreases the feature of education in the case of young married couples. Statistics show that there are more than 17 million individuals who can be identified as undergraduates in the country. It is also crucial to indicate that most of the undergraduates are classified as women who are unable to further continue their education due to their responsibilities of childcare. There is a high percentage of women in the country who are single parents (Institute for Women’s Policy Research).

It is evident that it is the prime responsibility of the parents of the dependent children to focus on child care by discontinuing their education. After children are born, the main focus of the parents is to attain fine jobs to support their families and provide good care and upbringing to their children. Although they have enough potential and urge to attain higher education, it seems immensely difficult for them to maintain both the features of child care and education simultaneously.

The role of community colleges is immensely crucial to address this particular issue effectively and with the consideration of all the social and monetary elements. It explores that there is only less than fifty percent of community college campuses that provide the services of childcare centers. Another drawback associated with this is that most colleges that have childcare facilities face the dilemma of overcrowdedness. Parents have to wait much longer as childcare services are not available for all the parents who would like to continue their education.

Another problem that is observed in the case of childcare facilities in community colleges is that they mostly do not have the effect or ideal facilities for the prospect of childcare. There are very few colleges that offer childcare services at night, which are effective for those parents who do jobs and support their families financially (Institute for Women’s Policy Research).

Solution And Criteria For Child Care

The identified organization for which we are proposing solutions is Houston Community College Stafford located at 10041 Cash Rd. Stafford, TX 77477.

The best solution to provide necessary aid to the parents is identified as the effective child care facilities on college campuses. It is the viable solution to encourage individuals who want to continue their education with the responsibility of childcare. It can be categorized as the effective way out which can propose by the colleges and universities to those students which want to earn their degrees. It is notable to mention that it is observed that most community colleges do not provide on-campus childcare which can be identified as the less affordable and high-quality approach when it comes to the provision of the child care services. When it comes to the services of the childcare provided by the college campuses, it is crucial to consider all the related features which can be observed in social and financial manner. It is the one difficult task for the management of the colleges to establish the prospect of child care centers in the campuses as it requires an immense level of both financial and human resources (U.S. Small Business Administration).

It is crucial to propose possible solutions for the community colleges to effectively align the feature of child care with the consideration of the necessary resources. The most effective and possible solution can be identified as the proper selection of the child care center which can categorize as the effective operational and commercial approach. It can be a feasible approach for the community college to consider the most suitable commercial child care center and provide the necessary space within the college campus or choose the option of a nearby place to college campus which is easy for the student parents to easily access set up a center.

It is the one core responsibility of the college to provide necessary space and guarantee the number of parents which wants to avail the facility to the child care center. It comes with the consideration of the professional child care organization which wants to provide its services on campus (U.S. Small Business Administration).

Criteria For Assessment

It is prime duty of the college administration to adopt the effective criteria to assess the feasibility and the effectiveness of the professional child care center in the premises of campus. It should be the main objective of the college campus to ensure the best child care facilities so parents can effectively focus on their education. Effective selection of the professional child care center is the key to the college campus and management should be immensely vigilant to make inferences about the child care facilities on the campus. It is the one viable approach for the college campus to select a professional child care center which has the necessary experiences to effectively utilize different human and financial resources. Professional child care centers have the potential to perform a much better job than if college moms and dads were entrusted with caring their children and the children of other students on the basis of rotational duties.

Another effective option which can be chosen in case of child care is to rotate the duties of caregivers with the students who have free periods or are available on days when they have not classed. It is crucial to indicate that this might be an economical solution to the issue of childcare in the college campus but it never comes up with the provision of professional child care as the provided by the professional caregivers. It can an issue because parents might not have enough experience of the childcare as the young parents they will be first-time parents which do not have enough experience of caring in case of children (Bright Horizons Family Solutions).

Criteria For Assessment For Campus Child Care Center

It is crucial for the college campus to determine the effectiveness of the child care center. Proper assessment of the child care center is only possible with the selection of the necessary and effective criteria. The particular criteria would be considered in the necessary form of enhancement in the approach of enrollments of many married couples due to the facility of the child care center. It is crucial to establish the effectiveness of the particular child care center than it ultimately increases the feature of enrollment in case of a married couple who wants to continue their higher education. The effectiveness of the professional child care center ultimately increases the number of students who successfully graduated from Houston Community College Stafford. It will happen because young parents have the possible and effective of their childcare in the form of feasible service of child care center provided by the college campus (Bright Horizons Family Solutions).


To conclude this, it is crucial to overview the importance of child care centers in case of community college. Child care is one of the major concerns of the young parents of the country which make it difficult for them to continue their education. Community college campuses can play a major role in this manner to provide the better approach to children care so student parents can effectively focus on their degrees. The particular case of Houston Community college Stafford is selected to discuss the need for the child care center and propose the better solution to provide necessary help to the parents who want to continue their education. Effective alignment of the professional child care center services can be considered as the effective option for the college to maintain the better services of child care in the college.


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