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The Mystery of Princess Anastasia Essay

After the Romanovs’ murder, there were some speculations regarding the survival of Anastasia and the brother. The execution was such detrimental that chances of survival were slim. According to the speculations, it arises that the duo survived due to the existence of family jewels sewn in the clothing. The conjectures were key instances revolving around Anastasi’s fate. Later during the period, some women surfaced, and most of them claim to be a grand duchess. One of the women was Anna Anderson. During the early 1920s, Anna tried the very best to prove herself as the rightful claimant on matters related to Anastasia’s inheritance. The suit never saw the light of day since it was rejected in 1970. As a consequence, the mystery of Anastasia remained unresolved.

The relevance of the mystery of Princess Anastasia is an aspect worth noting in contemporary society. The ability to inspire books plays as well as movies is indeed amazing. One of such works includes the Academy Award-winning film. The existence of the actress Ingrid Berman, who is a starring legendary, is such a crucial encounter. An amateur archeologist found a shallow grave in the 1970s (Lovell, 1995). The content was a well-aged skeleton with three children as well as six adults. Suppressing such an outcome from the public till the collapse of the Soviet Union in the 1990s communicates a lot about the confidentiality of such information. Later in 1991, there was an in-depth investigation that indicated that the bodies were for the Anastasi’s family. The fact that Anastasia and the brother were still missing raises eyebrows. Since then, some investigations on DNA culminated. An outstanding analysis in 2007 conducted on one of the graves identified Anastasia as the brother, Alexei. The encounter terminated the mystery that lasted for close to 90 years.


Lovell, J. B. (1995). Anastasia: The lost princess. Macmillan.



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