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The murder case of Hae Min Lee

Due to the abundance of evidence linking Adnan to the primary crime scene of the murder, the lack of solid alibis, and the availability of motive, it is prudent for the court to convict him for the murder of Hae Min Lee. He ought to be given the maximum punishment available per the law to ensure justice is served for the victim and her family. His conviction will set the stage for the healing process for the family of the victim after such a painful ordeal.

On the night of her murder, Hae likely met up with Jay and Adnan who killed her for threatening to report them to the police for drug dealing. Another motive for her killing is likely jealousy rage from a jilted ex-lover who couldn’t stand to see his former girlfriend happy with another man.

The murder of Hae Min Lee began with a phone call from Adnan, her ex-lover cum drug dealer. Hae threatened the freedom of Jay and Adnan since she had previously threatened to report them to the authorities. The two young men lured Hae to Leakin Park, a deserted place, where Adnan killed her through strangulation and Jay helped him hide the body. It is clear this murder was pre-meditated since the two were very careful not to leave behind any physical evidence. The two also researched how to execute this murder very well as the avoided weapons, which were most likely to leave a trail that would go back to them. However, they were not as careful as they thought.

Several pieces of evidence prove Adnan Syed is the killer. First is the cell tower records that place him at the scene of the murder at the exact time the murder happened. Second is the outgoing and incoming phone records. The third is a witness account of his friend Jay Wilds, who claimed to have helped him hide the body. Fourth is the fact that both accomplices had the motive to kill Hae.

Several factors water down this case and one of them is the fact that witness accounts are not always reliable. Another is that there are chances that the body of Hae lay dead somewhere else before being taken to Leakin Park. Other than this is the lack of physical evidence. There is also a huge suspect pool. However, all this is circumstantial hence, the weight still falls on Adnan, who had means and motive and the few pieces that link the murder of Hae to him. In my opinion, the jury in Baltimore did a good job convicting him.



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