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Draft Introduction:

This essay will be revolving around one of the most common dilemmas of the today’s world. This issue is termed as war. The issue of war has been a subject of debate for many of the people. Some people present the fact that war becomes necessary in many situations where the conditions have grown worse, however, there are many people who think war should be avoided in maximum cases since this is meaningless things. Such people support their point by mentioning that war comes with many consequences. One of the main consequences is the prevalence of crime in the society. This essay will be addressing the different crimes observed as a result of the scenario of war. Introduction of the essay will start with the defining the term war. According to research war has been defined by many of the researchers with their own perspectives. For example, war as per Arnold is the state of armed conflicts between two different countries. Similarly, the essay will be addressing the definition of war by different researchers.

Besides this, all the wars observed in the history and the consequences as a result of this war will also be highlighted. Further, this essay will highlight the consequences of war and then with the help of the consequences the meaninglessness of the war will be proved. People considering war as a meaningless phenomenon mention the bloodshed and economic stability that comes with war. After proving war as a meaningless phenomenon the essay will conclude the main points discussed along with the final verdict highlight in the essay.

The sequence of the answer:

  • War is one of the worst kinds of steps that have been observed in the previous times. If we look at the history of the war, there are many wars that have occurred in the previous time. All these wars have left some marks that can never be forgotten by the entire world.
  • Different reasons were observed for the arrival of war in certain countries. However, the most prominent reasons for the war have always been observed due to the political issues being observed in the country. Political issues have made the leaders call to war and in doing so they leave many people homeless by shedding excessive blood, taking away their wealthy possessions and giving an ease to all the criminal to perform crime activities.
  • Along with bloodshed, one of the most common observations about the consequences of war has been observed in the form of the rise of criminal activities which leads instability in economic conditions of the country. Considering all people equal and deserving the treatment of the regular human beings is the right of every person, however, this right gets in the hand of the criminals who take advantage of the situation of war.
  • Other consequences of war include the prevalence of fear in the country. People start to lose their trust in the leaders since the leaders are unable to protect their near and dear ones. The chaos and destruction observed in the cities leave a note for other countries to protect their nation from the curse of war.
  • The outcomes of war can be worse than this since many worthy lives are lost in this case. War once starts to leave its impacts everywhere. The social consequences of cannot be stopped easily. The worst outcomes of war are present in the form of social outcomes. Area of health, education, and welfare are disturbed in a very bad way.
  • Concluding the essay, war is the worst kind of activities to choose from as observed from its consequence’s in the war being studied from past.


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