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The Link Between Ancient Medes and Kurds


This project is analysis the link between ancient Medes (Single Mede) and Kurds. This is followed by question how you link the Medes to Kurds. The Medes are people who lived in Upper Mesopotamia and present Iran, which was known by Median.

This research suggests that, the historians are always focused on Median empire how established and how forfeited its supremacy in 550 BC. Then, the name Medes gradually faded and last they appeared is 70 AC[1]; therefore, the Mede does not appear again in history. The name of Kurds had not appeared in Pri-Median in any single scriptures. However, during the second Caliph, Umar son Khatab, Arab started to conquest those lands beyond Arabian Peninsula, around the year 640-643 AD the entire Mesopotamia had controlled by Arabs. Around 100 years later, scholars started to collect the Hadith and Arabs started to write the history of Mesopotamia, and in their books the Kurds are appeared.

Key words: Mede, Medes, Median, Pars, Parthia, Persian, Sassanid, Arab, Kurds, Islam,


Throughout history, there have been continual conflicts between nations and invasions from outside, as a result of which, many tribes and nations were destroyed, and scriptures and holy books were burnt to ashes. Due to this tragic catastrophe, the history of the Kurds in this specific 70AD-640AD has been lost. Here, there is a gap in history from Christ to the time when the Arabs conquered Mesopotamia.

Review of literature:

In 19-20 centuries the historians and archaeologists are focused on Middle East, some of them based on their hypothesis linked the Kurds to Medes. For example, Minorsky had written a book on Kurdish history claimed that Kurdish descendant from Median. However, his method was only considering the similarity of the language between both Median and Kurds, whereas, he did not considers those aspects: The cultures, Folklore, religions and the ancient scripts or contemporary sources when the Kurd’s name is emerged, such as the books of Hadiths, and Islamic historian like al-Tabari and Masudi…est.

In contrary to his view, some Arab historian has different view, for example, According to the historian Masu’di(1989: V.2, 123) claimed that the Kurds are “Sons of Jinns—Genies”[2]. That his argument beyond accepting and far from the reality.

The Project will focus on linking the Median to Kurd and finding out the reason of this loss history as it is about 600 years lost in Kurdish history. Nowadays, in many ways, it is very important to concentrate on Kurdish history. Today, the Kurdish people have a great role to play in the Middle East in general and particularly in Iraq, Turkey, Syria and Iran. Also, the Kurdish nation has drawn attention internationally, by standing against ISIS and preventing atrocities and massacres. However, people lack knowledge about which the Kurds are, even the Kurds themselves. To proof, that the Kurds descendent to ancient Median would be a great significance for the history.

Research Question/Sub-points:

How do you link an ancient Median to Kurds?

The medians were nomads that settled in the northern serria.By the Kurds were the descendants of the medes.That was because they contributed genetically and linguistically what the Kurds are of today .But also the Kurds are not referred to as the descendants of the Medes because their ancestors were already in place before the Medes appeared .The historians said that the original population of the median people was the northwest Iran and they were named as media .The tribes emerged during the 2nd millennium bc and the median tribes emerged in the region .The tribes expanded their control into larger areas over several years but later the boundaries changed as they were overthrown .

What commonality between both Median and Kurds?

The median and the Kurds have some things in common. They had a common language which they communicated. The cultures, Folklore, religions and the ancient scripts or contemporary sources when the Kurd’s name is emerged was the same as those f the medians .

Why the names of Median disappear?

The name came to fall after the civil war of Assyria .But later the kingdom came to fall after it was conquered in 550 BC after Cyrus the great. Up to date there is no archaeological evidence that shows that the medians used to exist. Nowadays there is considerable doubt whether the medians had a significant role.

Why the name of Kurds appeared during the Islamic invasion?

That was because the commander of the Arabs conquered the Kurdish efforts .At this time the Kurdish could take care of the cattle and sheep .They lived a sedentary type of life. Because of the invasion the Arabs tried to change the Kurds to change into Muslim religion.

What the methodology is using different to other historian

It’s different because i used the interview method which other historians have not used. I interviewed also the old people who existed during the period of the medians and the Kurds. Also i used the books in the library for research. Survey and visit the ancient historical place and the villages in the mountain which still kept the old custom and having commonality with the ancient Median.

Why the research is important?

The research has been helpful in that I have known the origin of the medians and Kurds. It has been helpful to know the common things that the medians and Kurds had in common .Because of the fights they were facing it made the Kurdish to rise and fall again but again they conquered their sovereignty back .This research identifies the relationship between the Kurds and the medians .


Revisit the contemporary source, Greek, Latin, Persian, syriac, Chins and Arabs, to find out the last place where the name of the Median disappeared and the name Kurds appeared.

The Comparison of the cultures, custom, religion, language and idiom of both ancient Median and Kurdish. Survey and visit the ancient historical place and the villages in the mountain which still kept the old custom and having commonality with the ancient Median. For example, the custom of the people in Horaman is mixing from the ancient Median and modern Kurds. And they have old chants which are believed inherited from an ancient time and passed to the generations. If you are proposing a qualitative study, use the following subheadings to present your data collection plan and erase the subheadings for the quantitative study. Sampling approach was also used in the current investigation; random sampling method has been used. The approach is very useful in the present research because of the equal opportunity provided for each sample to get selected and leading to reduction the chances of error and personal bias.

Procedures for Recording Data

Data collection is the key value of research .You have to collect that you want from your investigation .Collection of data involves the use interviews and questionnaires so as to get good results. Research allows a researcher to use various methods to record their data. In the current study, inductive approach has been applied which will help in investigation from specific to general. The main focus of the study is to understand the important attributes of project manager in the success of getting information about the link of the Kurds and the medians.It is development of new theory as a result inductive approach has been used. So, it is the best approach for achieving the objective of the study.

Ethical and cultural considerations

Research ethics focuses on the application of ethical norms and principles in the research .The research concept becomes very important when human participants are involved in the research since ethical issues are a focus in this study as people are included as respondents .There are three main objectives in ethics. Firstly, ethics is meant to protect the human participants. Secondly, the research should be conducted in such a manner that protects the interests of people and the entire society. The last objective in concerned with the promotion of confidentiality, management of risk and taking consent of the participants. Researchers should follow the guidelines and ethical norms during their research. They should take care of the safety and security of the respondents

In the present research, the author has taken all the appropriate steps to ensure safety and security of the data. Some of the information has been collected from secondary sources which have been referenced. Plagiarism and manipulation of data has been taken care of in the entire report. Moreover, the present study has followed all the necessary rules and guidelines related to ethics in research.


In conclusion this research shows that the Kurds and the medians had a common link. The Medes are people who lived in Upper Mesopotamia and present Iran, which was known by Median. The historians though that the Kurds had a descendant from the medians which was the opposite of the contrary .they based their argument on this because they thought the talked the same language. The Kurds have therefore played a significant role in today history .They have in the fore front in fighting ISIS. This was because the medians lost to the Kurds and so the ruled. This research has got many challenges but at least it gave me a hint on how the Kurds and the medians came to exist .First the collection of data and sampling it was hectic .But in the next research I decided to take advantage of technology and embrace it .


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SaeedKakeyi. See the article:



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