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The Liberals and The Conservatives

In the politics of United States of America, two political parties have been competing against each other over the years: the First one is the Democratic party, and the other one is the Republican party. The most common words that are used in American politics is Liberals and Conservatives. The liberals are portrayed or represented as leftist, or the left wing and the conservatives are described as the ring wing. By keeping this information in mind, The Democrats are thought to be liberals, and the Republicans are said to be conservatives.

The liberals support the Democratic party because they support the assistance of government in the daily lives of American citizens. The liberals do not have any issue with the government taxes so long as they are used for the betterment of those who are in need of help. The Democratic party has been heavily involved in the social programs over the years, creating jobs for the unemployed and through taxes, proliferated social engineering (Balliet, Tybur, Wu, Antonellis, & Van Lange, 2016). The supporters of the Democratic party are mainly the scholastics or the academic people, the trade people and the farmers. It is understandable that the people above would support the Democrats because their thinking and the approach of the party is the same.

The conservatives support the Republicans because they do not believe in heavily funded social programs. They think the taxes should be lower and let the people prosper on their terms. Their main supporters are industrialists or the businessmen. The industrialist would not like to pay a tremendous amount of taxes.

It is interesting both parties have branded each other with the worst labels. The Democrats are being compared to the Communists because of their social programs stance, and the Republicans are compared to the German Nazi because they were interested in industry and military. One thing to note that both the Communists and the Nazis hated each other, as is the case with the Democrats and the Republicans.


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