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The Kite Runner Essay

This is a story from my personal life when I finally realized what was the right thing to do and got it done after making a wrong choice first time around. It all happened five years ago on an August afternoon when I was out with my friends to have some good time. We saw an old lady coming out of a car near the bank and dropping her bag in hurry. Before we could stop her and inform her about picking up her bag, she drove away in her car quickly. We went ahead to pick up that bag secretly and ran to a secret place to see what was in it? I opened up the bag and found bills of $100 inside. Inside the bag there was the address of the woman who dropped the money, my other two friends told me to return the money to old lady but I refused.

After throwing the address in the nearby bushes, I took all the money and thought about improving my financial status. I bought a motorbike with thousands of dollars which I never returned to the police. The owners of money had reported them to the police however but I never revealed I had the money in my custody. After six months, I had a terrible accident while riding on my motorbike towards the school. I was down and out with broken leg and nose in the hospital; I saw the same lady in the hospital working as a head nurse. I recognized her in the first instance as she took care of me until I finally got well in six months.

I felt ashamed and decided to repent my sin; I told the lady everything about how I never bothered to return her money and spent them on myself. She being a nice lady forgave me for my mistake and never demanded the money from me. She told me the money came from her father’s inheritance after he died; I felt so good after telling the truth and learned my lesson to become an honest person for the rest of my life.


Hosseini, Khaled. The Kite Runner. 1st ed. 2003. Print.



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