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The issues faced by American Society

Sacramento is the capital of California, United States, and is widely known for crimes like manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery, murder, and aggravated assault. These crimes are highly dangerous and unacceptable for society and are a major problem for American society. Since Sacramento’s peace is highly essential for the United States as it is rich in Gold mines and plentiful water, California is dry land, and this area is important for the state. The crimes in Sacramento are highly violent, and they are mostly attempted because of snatching money, vehicles, and adequate, as well as forcing and threatening the victims not to speak to officials about these issues. The paper’s main aim is to discuss American society and its problems, including the violence and crimes in Sacramento.

Living in comfort, peace, and harmony with his family is a necessity for everyone. Life would never be certain, but the surrounding conditions should be stable and acceptable to the human mind. Crime in Sacramento is rising day by day because of the poverty and lack of opportunity for careers and jobs, which causes people to be violent in not finding food, money, and shelter for themselves as well as their families. The Offenses include home burglary, motor vehicle theft, arson, torture, larceny, homicide, and threatening. When resistance is performed, it leads the criminal to attempt man-slaughter, killing, and over-aggressive assaults. Recently, a child was found dead at home because of homicide, and the house honours were arrested for reasons and discussions. It is the biggest problem all over the city as well as in other parts of American society, and the government is requested to think about some proper and permanent solutions.

Violence is also one of the main issues in American Society. It has increased and caused hundreds of people to be killed, and many engaged in deadly chases and imprisonments. Violence is causing a disturbance in American society, and nobody is living in peace. Rob Porter’s case could be used as an example of physical violence in the home. He was accused by his two ex-wives of attempting physical abuse and domestic violence, due to which they left him. They stepped forward for the explanation as the United States government was not considering this issue more seriously and was taking it lightly. The entertainment business is focusing on producing violent media, which is also one of the main reasons for road violence and encourages teenagers to attempt a run from the police alarms even, which causes many accidents and road violence as per see. The government is highly requested to conduct some psychological research on this issue and determine the core reasons for the violence issue in the United States and find a solution.

Sacramento is one of the most important cities in America, and the crimes in its area are the biggest problem in American society. The problem of violence should not be ignored as well, as both interlink with one another. The crimes in Sacramento are causing an increase in the violent behaviour of United States citizens. These problems are not considered by the United States government, and the community is losing faith. Children are the most precious ones among us and their protection is the first priority to everyone. The crimes are affecting their future. The problems are highly described with examples and an appeal to the government is also being made for their proper removal from society so that the people would live in peace and harmony.



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