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The invisible man


How possible it is to run a human being as invisible is quite unknown to many. Many people consider such a practice as a cult while others take it as magic. Under this discussion, there is an attempt to respond to the claims provisions of the author on the attempt by one character to turn invisible. I understand that a human cannot turn invisible by himself, but has to use some chemicals and knowledge to attain such. The summary indicates that the invisible man is visible in the natural circumstances. Ellison, Ralph comes up provides a good flow of occurrences that enable the reader to understand the source of the invisible character as well as the inability to reverse the invisibility. The author uses various aspects to capture the attention of the reader and have the theme get home. Characters take various roles to control the delivery of the message. The setting provides the basis for the flow of the reading. The introduction captures the attention of the reader and creates suspense. The body of the reading provides the deeper details regarding the main character as well as the theme. The conclusion represents the end of the reading, marking the ascertainment point of the validity of the thesis. In the end, the invisible man gets arrested and killed, proving the no one can be permanently invisible.


“The invisible man” is a text whose author is Ellison, Ralph. Wells uses various characters to bring out the message in the entire text. Griffin takes the role of the invisible man who strains to prove the point t to the end. Marvel, another character comes in as a friend to Griffin, and the invisible man trusts that he would be loyal and help him attain his goals. The other character is Dr. Kemp, to who the invisible man runs to after being shot by the police to seek medical attention. The cops take their character of carrying out investigations to try and get hold of the invisible man. The other character made use of is the mob that beat up and kills Griffin.

The main theme of the reading is the impossibility. In this case, the theme elaborates that it is impossible for people to turn invisible permanently. For this reason, the invisible man succeeds in turning invisible on various occasions and escapes the people around him. For instance, he succeeds to run away from the landlord who requires him to pay up for the lodging and vacate the house. He however undresses and manages to escape without making the payment. The theme is confirmed when the same culprit is shot and captured at the end and killed.

The reading starts with the entry of Griffin into the Iping English village. It is here that Griffin states the attempt to become invisible as he sets in with rare luggage, that is, the strange glasses. He considers them as his luggage. They turn out to be the apparatus of his experiments. Griffin uses the information learnt from the medical school to turn a cat into being invisible as well as himself. Along the way, Griffin meets Marvel, a friend that he trusts in his mission. However, Marvel betrays him and attempts to report the invisible man to the police. This leads to a chase battle between the two, where Marvel is rescued by people around after being threatened to be killed. Marvel gets to inform the police of the invisible man and the search begins, which leads to the shooting of Griffin. As the invisible man looks for help from Dr. Kemp, he also calls the police, but Griffin manages to escape using his techniques. In the end, Griffin is captured by a mob, and that beats him to death. As he dies, his body entirely becomes visible and one of the police officers shouts to have the body covered.


The reading was quite enjoyable as it provided a good flow of information from the beginning to the end. Due to the logical flow of the events, I found it easy to follow each of the points effectively. The writer created an early thesis by stating that “it was impossible to reverse the invisibility procedures (Ellison n.p).” This made me understand that the strategies used by Griffin were more of chemical aspects than magic. I was able to understand better therefore that Griffin used the knowledge that he had learnt earlier. This was confirmed by the statement that “Griffin was a former medical student (Ellison n.p).”

The theme of impossibility was also brought out well by Wells, the author. This is because he portrays the invisible man as a person who can succeed to escape and at other times get caught. By stating that “Griffin was shot and looked for medical attention,” Ellison, Ralph 2016 provides that it is impossible to literary be invisible. The role of the chemicals in the experiments carried out by Griffin comes out clearly in “the people witnessed the arrival of strange bottles,” (Ellison n.p) which the invisible man considered his luggage.

A good basis of evidence that Griffin was not invisible is confirmed towards the end. “As Griffin dies, one of the policemen cries out to have the body covered (Morel n.p).” This is an indication that Griffin was a cheat and quite visible. Throughout the reading, I better understand the theme of impossibilities in the world. In this case, the man considered as invisible is finally caught, bitten up and dies. The conclusion serves a good platform for confirmation of the stated thesis and theme.

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