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the history of LEGOLAND California and how it is successful

LEGOLAND, California, is an enjoyable country park that is located in Carlsbad. LEGOLAND California concentrated on LEGO blocks. The park was opened on 20th March 1999 and is the third LEGOLAND park to be opened. LEGOLAND Billund was officially opened in the year 1968; ever since then, it has been the largest tourist attraction site in Denmark. The story of LEGOLAND Billund commenced with toy bricks, invented by Christiansen Ole Kirk, a carpenter from Billund (Bakir et al., 420). Christiansen, in 1934, began the production of toys referred to as Lego. During this time, Lego was not in the form of interlocking plastic bricks; they were made out of wood. The blocks were built in high quality and standard; Christiansen believed this was the missing element in most of the toys produced then. This commitment to producing high-quality toys was reflected in the name Lego, which means play well. Later on, in 1947 Christiansen began experimenting on the plastic blocks. The interlocking system was introduced two years later in 1949. It took nine more years before a patent for Lego was obtained in 1958, in the same year Christiansen died of a heart attack. This paper shall discuss the history of LEGOLAND, California, and how it is successful.

LEGOLAND California Park was officially opened on 20th March 1999. These parks were sold in the year 2004, and later on, the park’s supervisory interest was sold in 2005. The corporation now controlling LEGOPARKS is Merlin Entertainments (JACOBY, N.p.). Merlin Entertainments is a Blackstone Group of New York brand and an advisory and investment firm. LEGOLAND California is successful, and this is because the park is split into nine distinct sections, including Dino Island, The Beginning, Fun Town, Miniland USA, Explore Village, Land of Adventure, Pirates Shore, and lastly, the Imagination Zone.

The Beginning

This was the main point of entry into the park; this was the only entry point for guests until the year 2008. This was so until the new hotels, which were under construction in the back, were open, and they created a new entry point in Castle Hill. The Beginning is a service and shopping region within the park (Mercurio, N.p.). The main features of this place are that it is a marketplace that comprises Wheelchair rentals, a restaurant, a small store, and guest services. Similarly, there is also a big shop that sells LEGOLAND toy sets and souvenirs. Since LEGOLAND is sponsored by Volvo company, all Volvo drivers receive a discount on parking charges.

Dino Island

Here, there is a mini steel roller coaster called “Coastasaurus Cure,” which slopes around giant LEGO dinosaurs. Another aspect that makes this region interesting to many is that visitors can dig for simulated dinosaur bones in the “ Dig Those Dinos” and earn rewards. Raptor Splash, which was an initial attraction, was removed so that it may give way to the construction of a carnival-style game.

Explorer Village

This includes the Waterworks attraction, which has some collaborative water activities. It is beside the Musical Foundation, and here, guests hop up and down to water blow and make the music play. Correspondingly, a water slide referred to as the Fairy Tale Brook allows the guests to ride boats down a river, lined with lively LEGO models based on fairy tales. On the other hand, Play Town is also a region that has LEGO buildings, activities, and slides. There is also a showplace, Restaurant, playground, and a ride known as Safari Trek. Safari Trek allows riders to see life-sized LEGO models of various animals.

Fun Town 

In Fun Town, there are two driving schools. Volvo Driving School for children above six years and Volvo Junior Driving School for children under five years. Children are taught to drive LEGO electronic cars (Pickering, N.p.). Volvo Driving School, with a gas station and traffic lights, is a little bit more advanced than that of young children.  Also, there is a Skipper School where children, together with their parents, can drive LEGO boats. Guests also take tours around the LEGO factory and learn how LEGO bricks are manufactured. In the Fun Town police and fire academy, different folks battle each other in a contest. The main objective of the race is to extinguish a small fire, stop a robbery, and then drive back in the fire truck or police car. Another attractive feature is the Kid Power Towers, where two people go up a rotating tower, and they can relish the dawdling relaxing ride. Visitors can go up and down as often as they want before the ride ends. If the guests decide to board the Sky Cruiser, a pair of people pedal around the track, and they can see the whole park entirely. The Flight Squadron uses LEGO planes to raise the visitors up in the air. In the same way, those who go to the Sky Patrol are carried into the air using a LEGO helicopter. They are moved in a sequence of ups and downs as they get a scenic view of Fun Town. For those food lovers, there are restaurants like; burger shack, Fun Town Hot Dogs, and a well-set-up restaurant (O’BRIEN, N.p.).

Castle Hill

It is a castle-themed region that was originally known as Knights Kingdom. The chief attractions of this region are the dragon roller coaster, which tours the castle slowly. After that, Lego wizards cast spells, and the gates to the outdoor open then the roller coaster hastes out, it serves just like a normal roller coaster. Another form of a ride is the Knights tournament, visitors ride in a huge robotic arm, and they select different levels between one to five (Johns et al., 10). Likewise, the Hideaways are specially designed and suited for younger children; it is a large wooden structure with ropes, ladders, bridges, and slides. Tiny horses carry the guests through a mock medieval journey. LEGOLAND also decided to introduce a new attractive feature, the Wild Woods Golf, which replaced the Singing Rock Garden.

Miniland USA

It comprises a miniature of seven regions in the United States that are built together using forty million LEGO bricks; this structure took approximately three years to finish. Some of these major cities can be easily seen from different areas within the park (Bakir, N.p.). When one is on the coast cruise ride, one can see some of these mini models, which have a hidden view. Miniland is also the location where the Model shop is, the main design, and the building office for LEGOLAND California. Huge viewing windows on the front side allow visitors to see the builders as they do their work.

Pirates Shore

It has five rides and attractions. The first one is the Splash Battle, where visitors enter their pirate ship and battle with other visitors as they try to avoid the blasts of water. Second, we have the Soak and Sail, where parents and children play with water pouring on them. Third is the Treasure Falls; it is for young children who cannot ride bigger logs. Fourth we have the Swabbie’s Deck, the little kid’s water region (Bakir et al., 420). These kids can wet their feet, before attempting to soak and sail. Finally, we have the Captain Cranky’s Challenge, which is a brand new ride that has replaced Zamperla Rockin.

Imagination Zone

Visitors can ride a Wild Mouse-style roller coaster known as Technic Coaster—Test Track. Kids can pick between three distinct games, and they can also race LEGO cars that they construct independently in the Build and Test. Kids can also play some LEGO PC games and robots in “Mindstorms.”

Land of Adventure

It is the park’s newest section, which was designed as a replica of 1920s Egypt. The guests fire foam balls at each other in the Pharaoh’s Revenge. Also, in the Beetle Bounce, visitors jump 15 feet high to touch large beetles that are high above. In the Cargo Ace, visitors board one of the eight airplanes and they can fly six feet in the air (Rubin, N.p.). The most recent attraction in LEGOLAND, California, is the Lost Kingdom Adventure, where visitors ride a roadster to cover the treasure that was stolen by blasting targets using laser guns.

In conclusion, LEGOLAND, California, is one of the greatest attraction sites in California. The main reason for its success is that the management planned the park well, including various games accommodating people of all ages. The people who visit LEGOLAND California will certainly enjoy themselves completely.

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