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The Hidden Ab Muscle That Will Get You A Six-Pack

Crunches are hated by many, but generally, people believe that they are a critical exercise for maintaining six-pack abs. This post will share with you some great secrets that will help you build and maintain great six-packs without annoying and tiresome sit-ups and crunches.

The biggest secret for great six-packs is called the Transverse Abdominus. This is a muscle that stabilizes the core of the body behind the muscles of the abdomen. This muscle is connected to the ribs, back, and pelvis, which makes them stronger and gives better posture. However, for this to happen, the Transverse Abdominus must be made strong.

Here are some of the exercises effective in strengthening the Transverse Abdominus and shaping the abdominal muscles.

The Focused Crunch is lying on the floor, knees bent, and feet firmly on the floor. Your fingers should press on the lower abdomen and start drawing in the stomach with no movement to the pelvis but a slight rise of the chest. As soon as your hands feel the tightening of the muscles, stop drawing in the stomach and hold on for 10 to 15 seconds while breathing as usual.

Scissor Kicks – lie on the floor, knees bent, and feet firmly on the floor. Hands are placed under the buttocks while the head is raised off the floor. One leg should be raised about 12 inches from the floor, and as you lower, raise the other one. Repeat the procedure 10 to 12 times in three sets, but with time, increase the repetition.

The Modified Plank- place the palms on the ground, back straight, and feet placed hip-width apart. Do a push-up with one leg raised as high as possible. Alternate to the other leg and repeat the procedure 10-12 times in three sets.

Consider having a proper diet and these exercises to have a well-defined six-pack.

The 5 Best Full-Body Exercise

When you begin exercising, your expectation is to get the desired results in the shortest time possible. Full-body exercises are a guarantee that you will get faster and stronger and burn more calories so that you can be in good shape in less time.

Here are five full-body exercises that guarantee more fitness and give results in a shorter period of time.


Begin by standing straight, then slowly squat with your hands on the floor in front of you. Slowly put your feet in a push-up position, then place your chest on the floor with all your body lowered. Now, as fast as you can, jump back to the squat position and then jump as high as you can from the ground.


Start squats by standing legs and hips apart, with your shoulders pulled back while your abs are engaged. The hips and the butt should then be pushed back, then the body lowered until your thighs get parallel to the floor while keeping your weight on the heels. Begin to rise back to the previous position while squeezing the butt and the knees stretched outwards.

Box Jumps

Begin by standing in front of a raised surface that is very steady. Now, jump onto the top of the surface and stand upright with both legs. Jump down and repeat the same procedure as many times as possible.


In a plank position with shoulders over the hands, tighten the thighs and abs while lowering the body to the floor. The chest should touch the floor, and the elbows should be closer to the body. Now, push your body back to the position you started with and repeat the same procedure as many times as you can.


Begin by standing in the middle of two parallel bars. Hold on to both the bars, straighten the hands and hoist your body off the floor while crossing the legs. Now, pull the shoulders back while your chest is kept up. Then, lower your body to make the elbows parallel to the floor. Raise the body back to the previous position and repeat the task as long as you want.

Now, get busy doing these exercises to get quick results.

How can you get rid of muscle soreness fast?

Muscle soreness comes as a result of too-hard exercise, physical labour, or any other daily activities. Muscle pain can change your daily routine by making you uncomfortable, causing you to lack sleep and not be able to carry out your everyday activities. Getting rid of the soreness in the muscles faster will require the use of an ice pack, massaging the area, and taking an Epsom salt bath, among other strategies for relieving the pain.

An ice pack is recommended for the reduction of the swelling, pain and inflammation in the affected area. It is best used to relieve pain when the soreness is starting. The ice pack can be wrapped in a paper towel and placed on the sore area. It is then to be left for approximately 10 minutes and removed to give the skin time for rest to avoid frostbite.

Taking an Epsom salt bath- soaking in a hot water tub filled with minerals is extremely helpful in relieving the soreness of the muscles. 1-2 cups of Epsom salt should be added to warm-hot water, and you enter and soak for approximately 20 minutes. The body absorbs heat and mineral salts, which relaxes the body and act as pain relief to the muscles.

A massage with the essential oils- 12-15 drops of essential oils mixed with two ounces of the base oil, such as coconut and almond oil, at room temperature is effective in relieving muscle soreness. Hence, you can personally ask a friend or hire a professional masseuse to massage the mixture onto the affected area for faster relief of pain.



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