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The Future of Careers in Healthcare Management

The internship at Konnection with Dr. K. focuses on treating veterans and their families. The mental health of the individuals is evaluated by highly professional psychologists to provide the best help to these people. However; during the Covid-19 pandemic this help was interrupted by the uncertainties about the virus. The quarantine also caused isolation among the people which led to the worsening of their mental health. On the other hand, social media became the outlet for connecting to the world virtually. In the article “The transformative power of social media: Considerations for practice and emerging leaders” by Booth et al. (2017), the power of social media was recognized. Although the article was written in 2017, their argument became valid as the pandemic provided to show the full potential of social media. During a pandemic, healthcare professionals were making content for the masses so that they could provide virtual assistance to as many as they could in those uncertain times. The results of these efforts helped numerous people who could not get help due to the lockdown.

The article states that social media was the beginning of the digitalization of the workplaces, and then slowly different companies provided different software where all the tasks could be managed efficiently. Post-pandemic workplaces are still incorporating these digital tools for maximized efficiency. Virtually conducting therapy sessions is becoming common and it allows the therapists to connect with the patients that are living far from them, which means that the reach is limitless. In healthcare management, there are more tools available for employees so that they may be able to work from anywhere. Digitalization is the future and being tech-savvy is the new requirement. People that will have a strong technical understanding and social media will be preferred for the positions as they will bring a unique value and strong capability to the team. Healthcare management will benefit the most from this change as it will allow maximum efficiency.


Booth, R. G., Strudwick, G., & Fraser, R. (2017). The transformative power of social media: Considerations for practice and emerging leaders. Healthcare Management Forum, 30(3), 138–141.



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