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the factors which would make an internship ideal

My ideal summer internship would be one in which I would interact with the real community and would have a chance to understand the way of dealing with crucial decisions. One of the most inspiring things that would let me join any organization or an internship is their environment, learning opportunities, and teamwork practice. The main aim of the essay is to discuss the factors which would make an internship ideal and help enrich the personal skills and the career.

My interest is interaction with people, so I have an aim to proceed in career building as a human resource. According to me the best summer internship would be the one in which I would be engaged in training others in the office on the latest updates of the market and hiring quality staff. This work is mostly in any organization, and the hiring and training process never stops. One of the best parts of engaging in such activities would be me build my social skills, personal development and dealing with people.

The organizations which would be favored include business development, consulting and service providing. These organizations have rich opportunities to keep in touch with multiple markets and will build my learning skills according to the current trends in the markets. An internship in such an organization would let me get engaged with the quality teams and professionals working hard to implement the best plans, allowing them to lead the markets.

Overall my peak interest is the interaction with the teams. Working with professional organizations would be an approach to enhance the way to produce quality work and make correct decisions. It would be helpful in my future life to start my own business and lead my organization as a true leader rather than a typical boss.



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