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the essential aspects of grid-based designs and their use in a well-designed website

Grid-based design is one of the commonly used tools for web and graphic design. The grid-based design is majorly based on proportion rather than just squares. Josef Muller Brockman, a well-known author of ‘Grid Systems in Graphic Design’ and graphic designer, says “The grid system is an aid which has several uses that each designer can utilize as a solution appropriate to one’s style. This essay describes all the five aspects of grid-based designs and their use in a well-designed website of my choice. I chose Dynamit which is a website for creating mobile and web applications.

The analysis of this website is based on these five components: subject matter, audience, graphics, format, and typography. Subject matter(content) is one of the leading concerns of a web designer. One must know how well his/her website displays information about the website. On the website Dynamit, the content is well displayed, and the information is neither too much nor too little. The website details what it is all about in a very attractive way.

The audience is also one of the main concerns of web designers. A website has to suit the users’ needs or rather it will be irrelevant. Dynamit considers clients’ needs and addresses them. For example, a statement states, ‘Technology should simplify and make life easier for our clients and their customers.’ This promotes a high user experience. Users are also able to access and navigate the website easily.

Graphics in grid-based design are a website’s artistic or visual aspects, particularly inside grids. Graphics include the use of images and videos. Dynamit makes use of graphics in a very presentable and pretty way. The first grid has a video playing in its background most likely that of Dynamit’s team. There are also several images illustrating what they offer. These colorful graphics lead the user’s eyes back to the information being relayed without disrupting page readability.

The format/medium entails everything about the layout and structure of grids in a website. Grids are arranged horizontally or vertically. This layout feature is included in the study’s website, Dynamit.

Typography is the largest part of any written communication. Around 95% of all communication art is topography. Topography is an arrangement of numbers, letters, and symbols regarding font, length, size, and color. Dynamit uses topography in the way some fonts are more significant than others, with bolded or even highlighted letters. This is one characteristic of a well-designed website as font art is not majorly overdone or underdone.

In conclusion, it is evident that for one to attain an excellent grid-based design, one must include all five aspects of grid-based design as illustrated in the above paragraphs.


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