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The effects of historical atrocities on the indigenous population by Europeans and Americans

The issues between the United States and Native Americans have existed since the colonial era. The United States was not the only country against the Native Americans during the Indian Wars. The United States did not exist back then (the colonial era). The Indian wars have continued since the colonial era when Spain, England (later the British Empire), France, and the Netherlands started colonizing North and South America. We have come a long way since then and they have now become a part of our culture.

However, it is hard to forget about all the atrocities that Europeans and Americans committed on them. The effects of those atrocities were so bad that during the 19th century, the indigenous population dropped to below half a million. Most of them died due to the diseases that the Europeans brought with them as these did not exist before the arrival of the Europeans and thus they hadn’t dealt with these diseases.

The past injustices committed against these people require justice. Many Native Indians lost their lands and homes to the European colonists and settlers. Apart from that, their villages were pillaged and destroyed to make more space. We all celebrate Columbus Day like it was a great day. It might have been a great day for the Europeans, but the same cannot be said about the Natives. Columbus enslaved a lot of them and shipped them off to Europe as they made good servants in his own words ( Staff). How do you compensate people for something like this? The most you can do is provide them with land and a substantial income to give back what you took from them. They deserve to have the same rights as everyone else if not more.

An apology suffices here the most. You can argue that the indigenous population was hostile to settlers but honestly, who wouldn’t be? If someone barges into your home with peaceful intentions, you are probably going to call the police and beat him up either way because of the fact he/she came unannounced without your permission. The question of whether an apology should even be offered is quite silly because honestly the United States, as well as other European countries, owe them more than an apology for all the things they have done to them, so the least the United States can do is apologize to them for all the atrocities they have committed against them.

I think providing them with land and monetary compensation is important because the United States has taken what didn’t belong to them. It’s a country built on death and war but brooding over the past is not an option now, and instead, steps should be taken to amend the atrocities. If the countries can’t offer anything in compensation then at the very least they should respect the lands they have taken and their customers.

Restoring the original native name to the highest mountain was a sign of respect and greatly appreciated by natives fighting for it for the past 40 years. It is one way of showing the regret these countries hold for what they have done and thus if possible; the countries should show more of these gestures. How hard can it be to show regret and respect by just fulfilling the basic wishes of these people who have been treated so wrongly? It doesn’t take much.

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