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the data regarding the operation plan and the technological plan for NAB Company

NAB company is a non-alcoholic beverage company. In this compilation, we will discuss the data regarding the operation plan and the technological plan for the company. In the compilation, research approaches will be used to examine the technological techniques and operational management in the company.

The information compiled here will contain the NAB portfolio, management strategies, and competitive advantage strategies used in the business operation. The company deals with non-alcoholic drinks and supplies them to customers worldwide. Additionally, the enterprise utilizes technology to deliver and produce goods within the company. The operation and marketing plan best fitting the company will be discussed to ensure better profitability during the financial years.

The Portfolio of the NAB Company

Strategies (Competitive) Resources Maintenance Inventory control Research
Manufacturing quality beverages The company will require a refrigerator to keep the drinks cool and prevent wastage. The company will facilitate monthly maintenance of machines to ensure no breakdown during the production process. The raw materials like fruits will come from the farmers. A research department will research the best production techniques.
Advertising new beverages via the media, and publications Burners will be used to heat the juice during the production process. The production is done yearly by alternating the beverage products. Marketing techniques that are compliant with industry standards will be discussed.
Initiating master competition events in the market Oven bottling will be used in the controlling system to ensure all the bottles are well closed before packaging. NAB will own private distribution lorries to the retailers and suppliers. The company use advanced beverage production machines.
Organize social events appealing to our target market According to the expenditure evaluation and management, the company will buy the equipment to ensure continued production and cheap production. A survey on customer satisfaction will help to understand the best beverage to produce.

SWOT analysis approach helps NAB management to identify and understand major issues affecting the company. However, the analysis technique fails to offer solutions for safeguarding the business failure. The approach helps save the time required in production and business operations. NAB company use the SWOT analysis technique to contribute to understanding the business and addressing the weaknesses. Professional business experts use the SWOT analysis to capitalize on industry opportunities. The analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the company threatens the life of beverage production in the market. In such a regard, management evades loss and breakdown of the company. Business goals utilized by the company contribute to developing the company policies and operation procedures.


Technology in the NAB Company contributes immensely to the success of the company. The involvement of technology in production, management, and customer management helps improve the company’s profit margin.

Company management Track orders Inventory management Customer communication Beverage production
NAB use Human resource management systems The company uses information systems to store suppliers’ records. Inventory management involves high-performance systems to ensure efficiency. NAB company focus on focuses on the implementation of an email integration system in the company to allow customers to send orders and requests for supplies. The production involves faster machines for high-quantity production.
Technology eliminate Customer orders will be improved through the email service system. Computer on-computer skills the employees will enhance the speed of operations A computer telephony integration system to ensure efficient communication channels. Also, NAB own store-friendly pallets to ease the clerks’ job
Train the employees on using Microsoft applications like Excel Spreadsheets to ensure information organisation. Customer service and requests for orders are managed through an order computerized management system. Other significant activities such as continuous maintenance of computer devices ensure quality delivery of non-alcoholic beverages. Use of WMS guide to ensure control of inventory movement within the company.
The management also uses advanced inventory control applications. Such software works efficiently and helps in the organization of work and provision of quality services.

Using operational plans and technology in the NAB Company assists the company to emerge competitive in the industry.  Management in the company utilizes the available approaches to ensure good performance in the industry.  The scope of work and the company’s purpose help the team to deliberate on the appropriate strategies for better performance. The beverage industry is a competitive market requiring continuous research and compliance with the legislation of the government. NAB focus on customer satisfaction and quality delivery through the utilization of advanced technological systems and inventory management systems. Inventory and customer management systems will enhance customer relations and response to questions. Orders from the suppliers require proper recording and documentation for the disbursement of payment checks. NAB Company in such regard develops an operation plan and technology plan to assist in remaining within the competitive edge of the market.


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