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“The Culture of Southern Food” Article Analysis

Article Summary

Contemporary society is full of different variety of cuisines. This is the reason which makes it difficult and sometimes impossible to point out a person’s one favorite type of cuisine. Every cuisine has its unique flavors, ingredients, and cultural history. One of the popular and appetizing cuisine throughout the world is Southern food. Southern food is also known as comfort food. The cultural history of Southern food is hundreds of years old. The origin of southern food comes from a variety of different cultural backgrounds. These different cultures contributed to the southern food because of the two major factors. These major factors involve cost-effectiveness and easy availability of different ingredients (imported or local). The fried food including a variety of fried dishes has its roots in the culture of African slaves. The fried chicken was brought by Scottish immigrants. Southern food has gained popularity in the United States of America through fried food. Southern food has initiated the trend of frying food in the United States. The basic ingredients used in southern food includeblack-eyed peas, okra, collards, and turnips. Okra and black-eyed peas are some of the significant ingredients used in Southern food. The southern dishes include seafood like crawfish, catfish, oysters, and crab. In the meat section, southern dishes include pork, chicken, squirrels, opossum, and rabbits. Southern fried chicken is considered to be the benchmark of Southern cuisine. In southern cuisine, there are many recognizing beverages apart from food. Sweet tea is considered to be one of the most popular and commonly enjoyed beverages. Bourbon is also one of the famous beverages in southern cuisine. Bourbon can be enjoyed separately or it is used to enhance the flavor of the dishes. Kentucky is the prominent origin of the Bourbon Trail. The most appealing point of southern food is that it acts as a “comfort food” for everyone due to its variety. The “Southern Food and Beverage Museum” in New Orleans offers an insight into Southern food, cooking styles, beverages, and its cultural history. (“The Culture of Southern Food,” 2020)

Personal Review of the Article

The respective article provides an in-depth view of the cultural history and significant aspects of southern food. The fried food recipes are considered to be one of the most trending food in this modern era. Fast food nowadays immensely revolves around fried food like zinger chicken etc. this article reflects upon the significant relation of fried chicken with the cultural history of southern food. All the paradigms of southern food are explicated concisely. As far as the structure of the article is concerned, the use of headings makes it easier for the reader to comprehend the article. The use of pictures makes the article more attractive and eye-catching. The information explained under the headings is concise and inclusive. The headings in the article move from general to specific. The article begins with the cultural history/ origin of the southern food. After the origin, the main ingredients and famous beverages are explained one by one. With the help of this structural organization of the headings, the article has explicated the information to make it easy for the reader. As a reader, I can easily understand the cultural history of southern food step by step by this formation of the headings.

The most attention-grabbing point of this article is that it explicates the individuality of Sothern food as comfort food, which exhibits cost-effectiveness and easy availability for everyone. This cuisine encompasses a variety of different scrumptious dishes for everyone. It also promotes the cultural history of southern food by elucidating the “Southern Food and Beverage Museum”. After reading this article, I got to know about the cultural history of Southern food and its significant factors of cost-effectiveness and easy availability.


The Culture of Southern Food. (2020, September 28). Deep South Magazine.



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