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The Cultural Depiction of Wonder Woman and Gender Notions Surrounding its Character Annotated Bibliography

Wonder Woman. By Zack Snyder. Dir. Patty Jenkins. Perf. Chris Pine, Connie Nielson Gal Gadot. Prod. Deborah Snyder. 2017. DVD.

My first and primary source to analyze the topic is the recent film released in 2017 titled ‘Wonder Woman’ that was directed by Patty Jenkins. It is a modern take on the 1941 character that traces her origin story from her the fictional island she grew up in, from how she gets caught up in a World War 1 front, and eventually realizes her strengths and purpose, and the reality of man’s world. The film beautifully captures the theme that what makes Diana Prince wonderful is not her physical strength or superpowers, but her empathy for humans and aspirations for Peace.

Norma Jones, Nathan Miczo, Anita K. McDaniel, Katie Snyder. “Thoughts on Wonder Woman: The Journey of a Female Superhero.” The Popular Culture Studies Journal 5.1 & 2 (2017): 114-140. <>.

This research paper mainly focuses on the character of the wonder woman; it examines the tricks that the character has used to engage the audience such as class, gender, race, and sexuality. According to Cocca’s observation, the character of wonder woman faces both conventional femininity and hetero-patriarchal standards. Wonder woman fits in the plot of feminism.

Emad, Mitra C. “Reading Wonder Woman’s Body: Mythologies of Gender and Nation.” The Journal of Popular Culture 39.6 (2006): 954-983. <’s%20Body.pdf>.

Wonder woman is a heroic figure in all America. This character represents the culture which entails the struggle with particular, sometimes oppositional, message carved onto the altering Amazon’s body. American nationalists are using this famous comic character’s body illustration as a costume for over 60 years. According to researcher’s point of view, the body of wonder woman is a cultural legacy which shows gendered patriotism which describes it as sometimes oppositional, a mixture of the nation and the separate domains of femininity and an uneasy person.



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