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The Connection between Cookies and Privacy

The invention and consequently evolution of technology, especially the internet have presented new problems, whereby privacy is one of the most compelling factors in this scenario. Internet privacy in this perspective refers to the privacy and security that should be provided for personal data that is published on the internet. On the other hand, cookies refer to small pieces of data sent from a given website. The data is stored by the browser while browsing (Hormoz 13).

Cookies are among the information collected by Google while browsing. Other data collected include computer IP addresses and search queries (, 2018). Over time, there have been concerns emanating from the need to establish the relationships between cookies and the aspects of privacy.

One of the most surprising revelations about cookies is that they have been overtime used to track people and as a result, do things that some people dislike. For example, some sites, through cookies might sell vital information to other parties, which forward ads to them. Additionally, according to research, such leads to the generation of junk mail.

Whereas some nations have taken some steps in preventing such, some lack legislation that enhances the same. For instance, across the world, Europe, through the European Union has the best policies that govern the same. The European Cookie law pushes for prosecution of website owners who sell browsing information to third party users.


Privacy is a human value. Governments across the world should be in the forefront in fighting for the privacy aspects of their citizens. Legislations governing online privacy are some of the essential steps that facilitate this. Furthermore, governments through their agencies should stop engaging themselves in practices that are contrary to privacy expectations. For example, it revelations indicate that the government of the United States of America taps and listens to information on transit.

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