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The Basketball Diaries

The Basketball Diaries film describes Jim Carroll, the author’s involvement in drug use and addiction. He is a well-known basketball ball player who aspires to be a basketball star in the future (Carroll, 1995). Once in a while, he gets involved in drug use together with his friends and eventually drowns in the world of drugs and crime. Together with his friends, they continue using drugs which in turn force them to be involved in theft and robbery in order to garner enough money to purchase heroin. With time, Jim’s situation worsens as he is engrossed in addiction and looks like her. His unable to refrain from drug use, and his dream of becoming a basketball star begins to fade. The Basketball Diaries film depicts the overall effects and destruction of Jim’s livelihood due to heroin use and also gives a glimpse into the lives of those undergoing addiction to heroin and other drugs.

The common type of addiction addressed in the film is heroin addiction. Jim Carroll and his friends are addicted to heroin use, and while in the New York streets, the teenagers are involved in erotic behaviors in order to afford the drugs. Pulled in by the lure of addiction, Jim and his friends almost end up losing their basketball dream. Jim’s addiction to heroin drug can be linked to many factors, such as the death of his friend who suffered from leukemia, the invasive basketball coach, and the unhealthy appetite for heroin.

The addiction adversely affects Jim and his friends. For instance, heroin addiction affects their morals with the fact that they are involved in erotic behaviors such as prostitution. Additionally, they are faced with psychological, mental, and emotional trauma, and hence the need for heroine drugs gets fierce. For example, in the film, Jim eventually ends up in a mental health institution as he has suffered from mental impairment due to excessive use of heroin. The characters involved in heroin use suffer from pain, aches, guilt, and sadness during the addiction cycle. Additionally, Jim’s relationship with his mom is ruined, as well as his basketball dream.

In relevance to the film, the dangers of heroin abuse and addiction are portrayed. Heroin causes significant mental damage to the users and also destroys the nervous system. Additionally, according to the National Institute on drug use report, heroin use and addiction have been ranked among the top three causes of death among teens. Heroin being a highly addictive drug, poses the user with physical, mental, and emotional impairment. For instance, Jim and his friends fall sick due to heroin use, and they can barely stand.

Jim Carroll blames his mother for throwing him out of the house into the streets. Moreover, he blames his friends for influencing him into the use of drugs. Jim’s drug use is also driven by his desperation after the death of his best friend and the pressures and troubles from the basketball team manager. However, Reggie picks him up from the streets and helps him in his journey to regain sanity.

Various desirable treatments are available to counteract addiction among youths (Wright, 2000, p. 665). Treatment centers such as rehabilitation centers, ambulatory outpatient services, and detoxification and non-alcoholic programs have been widely encouraged and set up to aid in preventing and treating drug-related problems. Additionally, these programs are also in the forefront of raising awareness against substance use. This is core to ensuring that youths refrain from drug use.

In conclusion, the Basketball Diaries is an inspirational movie that provides insights into the effects of drug addiction. Additionally, the movie provides sober mentoring for drug recovery and refraining from addiction. Moreover, the healing process from addiction and arrival to sanity is also provided.


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