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The Age of Jackson

Undoubtedly, the age of Jackson is known as the era of emergence in the country as it transforms the American society in many different paradigms. Jackson is established as the national leader who involves the perspective of the common man in the overall formation of different sorts of policies concerning to the political and economic approach (Nester, 2013). There is the identification of many policies such as nullification, the spoil system, Indian removal, etc. are the prominent features associated with the specific area of Jackson.

The features of growth, expansion, and the social change were enormously observed after the war. It was the specific time when the country started experiencing the great amount of consideration concerning the facet of the common man in the country. It is crucial to mention that Jackson plays an immensely vital role to establish the role of common citizens in the overall perspective of the American political power system. His selection as the president of the country change the political and social aspect of the country and ensure the prospect of democratic revolution in the country. Jackson was the first leader who successfully introduces the participation of the common man in the political scene as he was a self-made man belonged to the common family of the country.

Jackson plays a crucial role to break the culture of special privilege in the political facet prevails in the country. He significantly promotes the idea of the majority rule through the effective political process of democracy. Selection of the Jackson as the president is the significant feature which promotes political revolution in the country. It provides the new direction to the field of politics as it was the first step which open doors of politics for the common citizens of the country. It is essential to consider that the changing features of the economy, religion, and the overall social perspective play a prominent role in the reshaping of the nation in the form of political revolution.


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