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the adverse effects of hookups on youth starting college or university life


With the engagement of more and more adults in hookup cultures, it is essential to share information with students and groups of young people about how they can save themself from psychological and physical consequences. According to psychologists, hookup sex revolves around the phenomena that encourage casual encounters, including one nightstand and related activities, which focus on physical pleasures. Emotional attachment is not there in the bonding of individuals, as what happened with Lindsey, whose HPV result was positive after being raped by an acquaintance. The case study shows that other than sexual pleasures, there are chances of damage to the body. She did not care about her initial sexual problems and interacted with another partner for sexual pleasure, which gave her depression and fear of losing her friend. Some experts have also explained the term hook up with kissing and or any form of sexual activity among the partners. The name is widely used across the world, and it is called sex without dating. However, the essential element is the knowledge of the students and adults regarding the damages and weaknesses of hookups who are entering college and university life.


Those safe sex practices during the sexual relationship include the delay in the activity of sex until an individual is ready emotionally or physically for the act of sex. Numerous diseases likely overcome those young people, including Lindsey, who have more than one sexual partner, so it advised the group of fifty students to be limited to a single partner with whom they have sex from time to time. It is imperative to know that your partner has no disease like STI, HIV, or hepatitis B or C infections. Please do not hesitate to find out your partner’s history so that no mishap or problem may occur in your body. Before any such activity, get your partner’s test for HIV or STI to be safe from the injection of the virus in your shape. Use condoms regularly and maintain a long relationship with a single partner, which might eliminate the threat of infection. Aggressive behavior of the individual might also increase the risk of blood disease. It is necessary to use safety measures as Garcia’s reviews unfolded that hookups can become dangerous in sexually transmitted viruses, unintended pregnancy, and psychological and emotional injury.

An example of this is available in a case study wherein a thirty-two-year-old woman, Lindsey, found herself in the HPV virus. She has been continuously in a monogamous relationship with her girlfriend. After the disclosure of the infection in her body, she felt depressed and disturbed mentally because of the expected response from her girlfriend. Now, this kind of patient requires highly rational behavior and medication. Lindsey will have to pass through regular screening and Pap tests for the precise results of her disease. She will use three vaccines of HPV as studies confirm that these are highly effective against those strains of HPV, which might harm genital warts and the development of cancer in Lindsey’s body. There is no cure for HPV, but if she used regular activities like avoiding smoking, and also avoidance of oral contraceptives, it will be beneficial for her health. She also has to boost her immune system, which is the primary line of defense against HPV. Certain are vitamins she can use to help her protect against clearing of the HPV. Vitamin B, especially folic acid and B12, are both 1000mcg for daily use as they will help her to strengthen the immune system.


Concluding the discussion, it is a notable point that those who have regular sex must learn to maintain that they have no disease transmitted from the body of their sexual partner. However, it also happens that this kind of virus mostly gets cleared by itself. It is a common virus, and the human body’s immune system makes it clean without medical treatment. Similarly, positivity in HPV does not mean that this individual will get cancer or any other severe disease. Research unfolded that within eight months of the infection virus, around fifty percent of the infected people cleared automatically, and ninety percent of patients got cured within two years. Following these guidelines and without losing hope, every affected individual can recover from HPV disease and enjoy a healthier and happier life.


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