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The adverse consequences of the freedom associated with university education

University education is the key to unlocking the golden door to freedom. Campus life gives the students the best freedom ever! But is excess freedom good? It is a topic which has been subjected to debate for several years. Since most university students have a flexible program, such learners will not always miss several hours of free time during the day. Freedom impacts the life of campus students in various ways depending on how the learners use their free time.

Some students will use their free time to hustle part-time jobs, earning several coins supporting their upkeep in the university. However, the majority of the students utilize the freedom to engage in vices such as drug abuse, theft, and prostitution among others. Since university freedom believes more harm than good, the paper reviews some arguments in favor or against the statement.

Most students are always idle during the weekends and some weekdays and some of them use the time to engage in drug and substance abuse. Just walk around the best clubs surrounding the campuses during the weekends and u will realize that the majority are students. The most commonly abused drugs include cigarettes, Marijuana, and alcohol. It’s really painful when the students utilize the little penny given by their parents to purchase drugs instead of using the money efficiently. The effects of drug abuse are inevitable. They include failure to attend lectures, exam failures, suspensions, and sometimes expulsion from universities. Drug abuse also results in adverse health effects such as liver cirrhosis, lung cancer, and loss of memory among others. Freedom is attributed to the cause of all these evils.

Freedom is turning young boys and girls into professional burglars. Many campus students do not know how to manage the finances their parents and sponsors give. Some learners risk using the fees given by their parents in buying personal effects and other uses like gambling thinking that they will get other sources of money.  Such students always find themselves in difficult situations that require a lot of money to pay fees, food, and personal use. After assessing the possible alternatives at their disposal, some of them decide to turn into professional thieves. They walk around the streets during the wee hours of the night stealing people’s property and money to earn a living. With time, the students advance their criminal activities to banks and other big organizations. Robbery is a criminal offense that is punishable by law and the few thieves that escape death by police’s live bullets end up spending the majority of their lives in prison. Some people argue that freedom is good but if it causes one to become a robber, its fruits become bitter.

Talk of freedom on campus and u will realize how it has ruined the lives of many students through prostitution, come-we-stay marriages, and other criminal offenses such as rape. Campus ladies account for the largest percentage of prostitutes in big towns and cities. On the other hand, some ladies prefer to reside with their male counterparts for the whole semester, and then, at the end of the semester, the students pack and head to their respective homes. Residing together with no bidding agreements for official marriage is come we stay and this condition is becoming worse each and every day in universities. It leads to unwanted pregnancies, abortions, and, in other circumstances the excessive use of family planning pills, which might destroy the womb. There are also cases of ladies who have been raped when they are drunk and all this happens in the name of freedom.

Some students have taken advantage of their free time on campus and use it to do part-time jobs. Some jobs include operating movie shops, cyber, photocopying and printing shops, and hotels. The students can also work part-time in nearby companies and industries. Developing and selling software is also another job commonly done by university students. Engagement in these jobs boosts the students’ financial income. The income gained from the part-time jobs can be used in purchasing food, personal effects and sometimes paying school fees minimizing the burden on the parents. With time, the students can also expand their businesses from side hustle to the main job thus reducing chances of being jobless after school.

In conclusion, university freedom brings more harm than good. It brings idleness, which can lead to drug and substance abuse, especially during the weekends. Excessive drug abuse results in failure of exams, suspensions, and sometimes expulsions. It also causes adverse health effects such as lung cancer, liver cirrhosis, and loss of memory among others. Freedom has also led to university students engaging in criminal activities such as theft and robbery with violence. Prostitution, rape, and come-we-stay marriage cases are common among university students due to the freedom guaranteed in such institutions. These are some of the few cases that point to the negative impacts of freedom offered in universities.



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