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Technology in Education: A Future Classroom

Technology has been advanced over time. Future is of virtual reality, a lot of work has been done in the field of virtual and augmented reality. Now it’s time to apply these techniques in our daily use. One of the best uses of virtual reality is in education. By implementing it in education sector it will become much easier for students to study and understand the topic or subject. Students will be more involved in lectures rather than sleeping, teachers can track every student’s activity, students will take more interest in lecture because when things come in practical implementations it becomes easier to deliver and understanding moreover it consumes less time rather than wasting time on theory. These future classrooms shows the use of virtual reality by using glass slab to project the realty and create an interaction for students to interact with their books in real time and understand the topic deeply by rotation or solving the questions in 3D graphics. This video not only shows the advancement of technology but also the progress of education which is not far (Technology in Education: A Future Classroom, 2014).

If someone understands the concept of virtual reality then he/she can also understand the way it’s implemented in classroom. But for laymen it is difficulty thing to digest for their use they video producer need to create more user friendly interface.

As this technology depicts the near future so i can’t tell about my experience. As stated above weakness is lack of user friendly interface and no voice over to brief about video’s main idea as it is only visual aid, and strength is depiction of positive and successful future.


Technology in Education: A Future Classroom. 2014. [Film] Directed by Daniel Nemroff. s.l.: Nemroff Pictures.



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