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Technology and Social Isolation Essay

Technology is known to be a method of scientific development which helps in solving problems and extending the capabilities of human beings. The major purpose of technology is to benefit mankind but there are many adverse effects associated with it as well. Even though this world has become a global village due to the internet and people nowadays are connected to one another greatly still people are getting lonely. Social isolation is increasing and people are getting distant from each other in their social lives (Price, 2011). Nowadays we see everybody indulging in their smartphones even when they are hanging out which makes a person alone in a crowd. Therefore, it can be deduced that technology is causing social isolation among humankind.

The psychologist of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology known as Sherry Turkle explains his view that technology is substantially changing the method in which people interact online. Moreover, it is straining the personal relationships of the people. Her new book named “Alone Together” has also demonstrated the fact that online social networks and texting trends is altering the way people relate to society or treat their parents or friends (Price, 2011). Majority of the people nowadays hesitate to interact face to face and find it comfortable to interact through social media or text messaging. There are many teens who prefer texting rather than meeting each other live. This reflects the possibility of hiding from one another which consequently highlights this notion that technology is resulting in social isolation.

Similarly, Albert Einstein extended the same fear that extreme reliance on technology will impart grave consequences on the human race. He once stated, “I fear the day technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots (Raizada, 2012).” This apprehension by Einstein has raised a very important notion that technology is sidestepping human interaction. One of the biggest casualties caused by the innovation of cellphones and the internet is the etiquette and fundamental manners of interacting with other people. There is no doubt that technology has done wonders when it comes to communication but there is a flipside to it as well. Advancements in technology have made human relationships completely impersonal making people distant.

Instead of meeting and greeting people, sending emails or text messages is preferred. Feelings, warmth of hugs and affection felt through the kind words uttered face to face or over the phone have been reduced to a greater extent and are almost on the verge of becoming extinct forever (Raizada, 2012). Gadgets have become a serious addiction for users all over the world as people are seen grasping cells in their palms, and talking through their earpieces while walking on the footpaths. In other words, technology has replaced almost all forms of human interaction but people are not realizing the fact that technology can never achieve what physical interactions can accomplish. Nowadays, Facebook and Twitter have become a new way of expressing feelings and emotions for loved ones. Smartphones have restricted people to their rooms and houses. Children neither have any idea of what is going on in their family nor do they have the time for it (Musani, 2013). This increases the isolation among family members making them unaware of each other’s matters.

In addition to this, these modern means of communication are imparting many other negative effects as well. Due to these social sites, the privacy of people does not exist anymore (Abro, 2013). The right of privacy belongs to every person but this technology violates the privacy of users very badly. The easy access to every person has led to the creation of many fake identities which are used for negative purposes like defamation of people. With this negative environment on such online platforms, social isolation is increasing among individuals because they avoid physical interactions with other individuals in real. This affirms the notion that this recent boom in the field of technology has made the human race weak both spiritually and morally. The more people indulge in technology, the less they interact with each other becoming physically distant. People are moving towards cultural dissolution ever since technology has become an imperative part of human lives (Abro, 2013). The human race is sinking into an ocean of nothingness.

A study conducted in 2006 reported and argued on the fact that since 1985 the people of America have become more isolated socially and the size of their discussion circle has reduced a lot (Hampton, Goulet, & Rainie, 2009). The average size of the network has declined to approximately one-third or by one confident. Some famous sociologists like Miller McPherson, Lynn Smith-Lovin and Matthew Brashears also proposed the fact that modern technologies like the internet and mobile phones are the key factors to increase social isolation among Americans. They highlighted the increased use of the internet and cellphone as the driving force that pulls people away from social gatherings, public associations and neighbourhoods (Hampton et al., 2009).

Therefore, it can be concluded that even though new technology has lots of benefits and provides ease of communication it has a dark side too. The excessive use of technology has increased the social isolation among the individuals. This separation from the real world has made human relations very weak. The interaction between people has decreased and feelings or emotions have become digitalized. Now people consider it easy to text someone to greet him or congratulate him instead of face-to-face interaction.


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