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Tattoos On The Heart


As a young man, Boyle had a memorable encounter with his good friend and spiritual director, Bill Cain; God inspired Boyle to help others, including his students, because he truly believed in God and his morality. He also worked as a priest to guide his followers to become better human beings; every chapter in the “Tattoos on the Heart” reveals a lesson to readers. He provides serious problems and their solution with the love of God. He worked with the gang members and treated them with affection and love that their parents never gave them. He treated all his employees with respect, even if some of them were rude or threatening. The gang members, including Scrappy, had a passion for guns, and Boyle proved to him that guns were not the solution to his problems. He showed him to use the gun for a moral cause.

When Scrappy pulls a gun on Boyle, he does not take it personally by understanding that it is not his fault; he knows he has to give him a chance to make a fresh start. Boyle discussed the problem of everybody having an obligation in life to spread Christianity. The human race has a lot of good potential; they need to realize it and utilize it in the right way. Boyle deals with social problems humanely by following the principles of Christianity.

Dealing with the crisis means that the author was a holy human being who was working with some evil human beings who had no belief in God and his mercy. Life on earth was like dealing with a crisis because aspects of Christianity were missing from lives. He encounters people with a mission to hate each other, and they don’t believe that they deserve love. The disease of self-hatred in Los Angeles threatens the peace, making many of his students guilty and sinful. Boyle argues that many of the problems in the society are caused by the self-hatred. People don’t think that they are worth loving or protecting by the mighty hands of God. The fighting, violence, gun things, and gangs highlight emotional instability all around, which is a complicated social problem.

The American Dream

The author suggests that the American dream is broken right now because of the inequality and hatred in society. The idea that every American has an equal opportunity to move up in life is false. Over the past few years, the average salaries of young people have declined, due to which they feel inferior and turn to guns and gangs to find a way out of their misery. The gap between the poor and the wealthy is increasing, and free markets are producing more inequality. The growth of inequality and injustice is rising when so many students cannot afford university or buy a home or car. To pursue their American dream, they depend on loans or robbers. After years of crisis, they lose their faith in religion; high debts also give rise to inequality.

In response to the crisis surrounding homeboys and homegirls, the author Boyle provides a comprehensive solution to help them come out of the state of confusion and hatred and live their lives peacefully. The attachment of younger generations to their families and teachers has created a generation gap, which has raised inequality. They get attracted to negative politics and get stuck in the wild ways to deal with their issues. Political polarization has increased inequality around the globe; to boost stability in homegirls and boys, Boyle argues that God’s mercy and love are the only way out of all problems.

Boyle discusses the example of Jesus Christ in his chapters, who was a man of passion and dignity. If people embody their lives upon his teachings, he can become a perfect role model for the people. The death of many children in the church puts more emphasis on forgiveness, which erases hatred. There are young teenagers who are victimizing others, and others become victims of hate; it is time to realize their imperfections and forgive each other for their mistakes. The desire to lead a good and happy life is in every gangster; Boyle wants them all to have a good life by giving them a good moral character and a code of ethics to find meaning in their lives.

Boyle refused to treat his gang members with a rash attitude, and he promoted self-confidence in them. He knew that they were ex-convicts, but the punishment was only going to make them a worse person. Therefore, Boyle treated them with love by showing them the life of Jesus so that they would not feel inferior to anybody again. His tactic helped many students to leave their bad habits and become responsible people.

There is an incredible lesson in Boyle’s teachings that can help the broken American dream come alive again. Boyle says that people should wholeheartedly commit themselves to Christianity and the son of God, Jesus, to deal with the crisis in their lives. His teachings are associated with faith, love, the mercy of God, and forgiveness in dealing with the universal crisis. The society casts out the convicts, and they never find a way back to good life, Boyle suggests that they do not deserve harsh treatment. They also deserve the mercy and love of God, which drives the hate out of their minds and makes them a better person. The teachings of Boyle provide emotional support to all the lost American students and gang members who can practically implement these solutions to transform their lives.

Boyle set an example by bringing the gangsters to the university so that they could feel no more shame and not feel the way they felt before. He emphasizes they love one another and support each other. “Kindness is the only strength there is.” This quote summarizes George’s entire message; he argues there is no way out of problems unless kindness becomes a virtue. I chose this quote because Boyle lays a greater emphasis on the use of forgiveness in his teachings.

“If there is a fundamental challenge within these stories, it is simply to change our lurking suspicion that some lives matter less than other lives.” This quote shows that there is an issue of inequality that is plaguing the world; Boyle wants to highlight inequalitythat  tears the American dream.


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