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Targeting Personal Procrastination

Procrastination is common in our life. When we try to put off something, it has pros and cons, which cannot be discussed here. In life, we all are looking to excel, but mostly within our comfort zone. We put off something daily for the next day, like paying our bills, going to the grocery, doing homework, and pending it till the due date, but this all happens because we are not interested or giving priority to it, and later on, we see the prominent factors affecting our life.

Looking at my last week’s routine, I procrastinated on something that was important to do, but I delayed it due to my laziness because I was looking at the due dates that had time. The first was my car registration paper renewal as they were expired, and for a month, I delayed the thing and till yet but I am still not done yet. Also, I always put my homework till the due date because it keeps me relaxed and gives me time to do it (Marquis et al., 2003).

I concluded that this habit will affect me and my career in the present, and in the future, it could affect my career or professional development. To overcome this procrastination in I put up strategies The first was Time management and control as I watch TV a lot and always consider my time free which I overcame by making my timetable and doing every of my work according to it. I see that delaying work is due to my lack of interest in the activities, for which I do work with interest and understanding its value for my life. Two things I hope will help me in procrastination because these are essential strategies that need to be developed in our lives (Mumford & Frese, 2015).


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