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Talking Pictures by Horton Foote (Summary)

Talking Pictures by Horton Foote is a script about the life of a few young adults preceding the First World War. The book was written in 1929 and it definitely stood out like all of Horton’s books to be a classic on which plays have been acted on for almost a century now. Out of the very few characters depicted in this play, I believe that Myra is the character I am most attracted to. It is hard to explain the details behind why this understanding exists; however, I can see that her life as a young woman gives teenage girls the confidence and courage to pursue life the way they want it to be.

Myra Tolliver is a thirty-four-year-old woman living with the other characters in a small house in Harrison, Texas. The scene with Myra starts when she returns from having watched a picture, and she sits down with the other characters, talking about how it was and discussing the revolutionary measures that will be taken to improve the film industry. One of the primary reasons that Myra is a favorite character of mine is because she is a pianist. She spends her time practicing away on the piano. It makes one feel the precious gift that needs to be bestowed upon a soul for them to compose wonderful music.

Another character, Willis appears to join the storyline as we proceed with the story, and he appears to be in a relationship with Myra. As the story unfolds we are told of another character known as Gerard Anderson who is the ex-husband of Myra and who is also married to Jacqueline Kate. Willis and Myra continue to discuss the similarities and differences between him and Gerard. A bit of conversation was stimulated afterward, displaying the dilemma put into the scenario by the outside character “Pete.” The conversation between Willis and Myra about Pete and Gerard was still going on.

Myra continues to talk about how Gerard returned to ask her to marry him again after the divorce while she was living with Pete. At that moment, Willis informs Myra that Gerard has become a wealthy man with a big house and car. She also discussed how well Gerard treated her when they were married and how graceful their relationship was. After Myra had completed her life story before she met Willis, it was time for Willis to talk about his life and how his wife and kids treated him when he was married.



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