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Syrian Crises and the Refugee Problem


Syria is an Arab Muslim state. Before 2010, it was a peaceful state, like another Arab Muslim state. In Dec 2010, the Arab Spring across Tunisia after the time it can be expanded to almost all Arabian states. Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and Yemen will touch the borders of Syria, and it gets stretched, and the protest starts in Syria. The government could not put up its hands in front of the revolutionaries; it started counter-strikes against it; due to these counter-strikes against rebellions, the civil war began in Syria.

Regional And International Scenario

Syrian is a Muslim state in which 70% of the population belongs to Sunni Muslims & 30% of the people belong to the SHIA faction, and dictator ruler Bashar-ul-Asad belongs to the Shia faction. This factor plays a vital role in the Syrian Civil War. At the regional level, the Muslim states are divided into two main groups: one group(Shia faction) led by Iran and another group (Sunni) led by Saudi Arabia. In the Syrian crisis or civil war, these two factors play an important role. The rabbilions are supported by Saudi Arabia, which is Sunni Muslim, and the dictatorial regime of Bashar ul Asad, backed by Iran, which belongs to the Shia faction. Due to that regional actor, the issue of Syria is prolonged.

Syrian issue may have roots in international players in which the US supports Saudi Arabia, and Russia supports Iran, and both international actors give aid and assistance to allies.

Causes Of Migration

There are some reasons why Syrians leave their homeland and migrate to other states.

Security Issue:

The first and topmost important factor that plays a vital role is that a vast number of Syrians left their home and migrated to other states. In the last eight years in Syria, civil war or unrest in Syria, due to which there is a lot of security risk to the life of Syrian citizen, most Syrians have migrated from their homeland to other states.

Economic Problem:

Another factor that plays an important role is financial factors. The economic condition of Syrian citizen is inferior due to most Syrians leaving their homeland and migrating to other states.

Syrian Crises And Migrant Issues:

Due to eight-year-long civil may Syrian citizens migrated their homeland Syrian to other neighbouring and European states such as Germany, Turkey, Jordan etc. an estimated more than 12 million Syrian emigrate from their home to other countries. In the total immigrants of Europe, Syrian immigrants share 46%.

The number of migrants is too large, creating problems for migrants hosting, and now the Syrian migrant is an essential issue for the international community and human rights issue. Because Syria is a war zone, this is not the right place for civilian people who are not participants in war. Due to the weak environment, most Syrians migrate, and that is a vast number and will cause problems for a host nation.

The migrants have a poor economic condition. Due to that, they faced many difficulties. Host states demand from the international community for their financial support, and these vast number of the migrant is also the burden on the economy of the host state, there is no capacity for more migrants international community needs to supports host states to overcome this migrant issue.

Migrants And Security Threat:

These huge numbers of migrants also cause security issues in the host state. During migration, many militants move from Syria to their host states creating security threats for their host states. Due to this security problem, these migrants face another challenge: many of the killing countries close their borders to migrants. Because every state has the priority of facilitating its citizens, security is the top priority of any nation.

Migrants And Social Problems:

Another problem that was faced by Syrian immigrants is the social and cultural environment. The cultures of Syria and the host Arabian states are different. Syria belongs to a conservative, close society, and now their host, where they are immigrants, is an open, liberal society. It is tough for refugees to merge in this free and liberal society. The second problem that faced refugees in Europe was the language barrier. Most of the refugees could not speak English.

Refugee Problem And Poverty:

Another issue faced by refugees is poverty. This vast number of immigrants uplit the poverty issue; the issue of poverty is very closely related to overall social evils. When these refugees migrate to Europe, they face employment issues. As a result, the rate of poverty increases when the rate of poverty increases. These immigrants indulge in many other crimes. An eye must focus on this issue because if this issue of poverty is not handled in a timely manner, it creates many other problems that are difficult to manage these problems.

Poverty causes health issues; when people are sick, they face health issues like nutrition problems; when anybody has nutrition issues or hunger, it is a threat to human life.

The first problem that is faced immigrants in their host nation that is poverty or poverty-related issue and the resources of host states is not sufficient to fulfill the needs of these immigrants for this it is the demand of time take collective efforts to resolve this issue.

Immigrants And Health Issues:

Another vital issue that faces host states due to these immigrants is health issues; host states may meet many health issues due to immigrants; first of all, most states do have sufficient health resources that fulfill the needs of their citizens along with the needs of the immigrants. Secondly, the host state faces new health diseases due to the immigrants; when these migrants move to their homeland, Syria, towards their host state, they transfer some diseases from Syria to their host state.

If this issue of immigrants cannot time, it is a threat to the global environment. It is the demand of time for international leaders to sit together and solve this issue; it’s time for the United Nations to play its role and maintain peace in Syria. The global community needs to provide an acceptable solution for all stakeholders. Migration is not a permanent solution to the Syrian crisis. No state permanently hosts this large number of migrants. National, regional, and international communities must focus on building peace in Syria. Ultimately, the host migrant is their state. No state accepts this burden for an extended period.

The civil war in Syria is not a problem of the Syrian nation, but it is a global issue; the international community needs to pay attention to this and play they’re a useful role. If the international community paid their interest, this issue would be resolved, and it is a social or humanitarian duty of the international community to address the issue of Syrian refugees. All the well-developed states that have potential in need of time use their potential for the help of Syrian refugees.

The international community opened its borders to the refugees of Syrian and gave maximum help to these refugees. All humans are equal to this. When the people of Syria are in trouble, it is their duty to other people to give the maximum aid and assistance possible. They play a pivotal role in resolving the Syrian crisis. They must open their borders to the refugees of Syria in their time of need.

The international, especially the European Union, Russia, China, and India, which are significant economies and have a say in the global system, play their role in aiding and assisting the needy Syrians. The refugees of Syria look to the international community for help.

Third, if there is any person who flees, Syria must give international protection. The vast majority of Syrian refugees must meet the criteria of refugees according to international law.

The process of immigration for the refugees of Syria loses its hard and fast rules and regulations.

The European Union and other states, such as Egypt, have the potential and are economically sound to open their borders to more refugees of Syrian.

United Nation is an international organisation it’s the duty of United Nations to resolved this refugee problem and use their good offices to address this Syrian issue. United Nations high commissioner for refuge played their role to help and gave and assistance to the Syrian refugees.


The Syrian crisis is an important issue in which different actor is involved; due to long periods of civil unrest in Syria, there is a large number of Syrians who migrated from their homeland to other neighboring and European states. Where they face many problems, it is the demand of time for the international community to take joint action and support the Syrian refugees to open their border with them and resolve this issue.


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