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SWOT Analysis: East Chestnut Regional Health System

Conduct a SWOT Analysis on the Case Study: Eastern Chestnut Regional Health System.

  • Conduct a preliminary review of the current situation presented in the Case Study.
  • Write an objective for your SWOT analysis.
  • Use the framework below to conduct your SWOT analysis.
  • List the organization’s strengths, weaknesses, potential opportunities and potential threats
  • Select the items that should be prioritized.
Helpful Harmful
Internal Strengths

  • The availability of multiple specialists concerning a large number of experts and diversified disciplines is a significant strength (Coleman et al., 2022).
  • The unique offer puts less burden on the patients as during visits if any examination is needed, it would be done free of cost.
  • Comparing other organizations, any visitor without health insurance is charged lower costs than the other health units in the respective area.

  • A long waiting list of patients urges many patients to wait for hours for their turn. It is a painful aspect on the part of patients.
  • The locations for the specific health unit have enlarged populations without health insurance.
  • The floating providers in provided location create follow-up problems for the patients.
External Opportunities

  • The physician group may shape and positively change healthcare in the future.
  • The flourishing health unit experience provides an opportunity of constructing more centres in other parts of the state (Gordon, 2022).
  • The patients having an opportunity to visit many experts without health insurance contribute to the well-being of a large populace.

  • Competitive charges and patient costs at other urgent health units are a threat in current circumstances.
  • The urgent health care facilities provided at nearby pharmacies and even at major shopping centres is a future threat.
  • Low premium concerning health insurance provides reasonable costs for patients. However, the insurance companies keeping their policies updated may flourish insurance business but an alarming threat to health units.

The said hospital unit has been established by merging various organizations, according to the case study. In this aspect, the strengths have the opportunity to cope with the threats and weaknesses. The provided facilities in each unit may have a substantial positive impact if combined with proper planning (Elavarasan et al., 2020). In addition, the communication channel can be improved concerning a large number of patients with a specific focus on patient care. Further, the strengths, especially the large number of patients and specialists, may provide an opportunity to explore insurance companies’ business, having a focus on insurance policies and regulations.


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