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supporting veterans’ Social development

Two authors that I am familiar with are Olsen and McMenamin. I have familiarized myself with their work regarding the topic of veterans.’ The two theorists pertaining to my field of study are Olsen, whose study claims that there is difficulty in the manner veterans socialize. The theorist claims that veterans tend not to have similar relationship traits to normal people.

Similarly, McMenamin claims that proper care is essential for veterans since they are commonly war survivors (McMenamin, 2016). The fact that they are from war gives them a different viewpoint from normal students.  The two theorists’ work collates with the area of study I am currently undergoing (Cass, 2012). The reason is that the two theories cover part of the program which addresses the issue of veterans. There is a need to cater to the educational requirements of veterans, which has been my lifelong goal.

I would assert that I did not have a connection with the two theorists until I researched them. They have, however, proved to be of great help in my field of study. Both works are primary sources. This can be identified because both present information recorded by the primary researchers, also called first-hand information. The articles are different in that McMenamin addresses the issue of survival while Olsen’s research highlights the socialization issue. According to Olsen, veterans are from hardships and hence find it uncomfortable to be isolated in colleges and universities (Olsen, Badger & McCuddy 2014).  Mcmenamin talks of veterans not being used to strict guidelines.

With the knowledge obtained from the two works, it is possible to formulate new strategies to enable veterans to socialize with others (Elnitsky et al., 2017). Also, knowledge will be used to help the veterans discern new ways of socializing. There is a need to change their perception of college life as an area full of strict routines and unfriendly.


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