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Summarize the Book The Shallows

Calling the book a shallow word, they meant the Internet, which is criticized in the book, whereas in fact the book is devoted to the device and work of the human psychology, reducing concentration and attention, memory impairment and shallower thinking due to the harmful influence of the internet. The Internet, according to the author, is not at all a shallow, but rather a crowded dump. That’s why the book should be correctly named differently: Shoaling. What the Internet does to our psychologies. Nicholas Carr’s book is very interesting and important. It must be read and re-read. But I do not recommend buying it. Readers have the right to demand from mediocre publishers, who falsified a valuable and necessary book, a refund of money and additional compensation for moral damage.

Nicholas Carr, author of “The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains”, very clearly demonstrates the reasons for congestion and inability to normally perceive information, remember it and learn something new. We constantly live in such a rhythm and a similar way of life, of course, affects us. The Internet makes us more superficial. We do not understand the essence. In order to better understand the situation, we should return a little back to the past. For example, in primitive times; you want to know as much as possible about what is happening around you, because the more you know, the less likely to be attacked by a predator. This is also an indication that dopamine is produced in our psychology – a pleasure neurotransmitter that chemically affects our psychology and gives out a “reward” to our psychology for what it is looking for and finding new information. The problem of our days is that predators do not threaten us anymore, but our psychology has remained the same. And now there is an Internet – network, saturated with an incredible amount of information, created specifically for us. And that’s why we spend so much time there with pictures, sounds, texts, words. And all this causes us obsessive behavior, makes us constantly check smartphones, glance casually in your mailbox. We live in a constant state of distraction and interruption.

Two developmental-psychological

Theoretical foundations of the development and prevention of Internet addiction in students”, Internet dependence is considered as a kind of non-chemical dependence. The definition of dependent behavior and Internet addiction is given, the causes and theories of the formation of this behavior, attitude formation theory in psychology and habit formation and the theory of addiction from the point of view of basic psychological concepts are analyzed, the functions, stages and diagnostic criteria of dependent behavior and Internet dependence are revealed. The main forms of dependent behavior are given. The conditions for the formation, components, types and stages of Internet addiction among students have been singled out, its causes are systematized.

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The manifestations of the destructive nature of dependence are studied; basic psychosocial characteristics and motives of the Internet-dependent person are formulated and considered their characteristics of virtual reality as an external condition for the formation of Internet addiction among students. The main approaches and directions of psychological prevention of dependent behavior and Internet addiction among students have been revealed.

  1. describe in detail the developmental-psychological principle you believe is relevant

By theory of addictive behavior is understood as a person’s desire to interact with someone or something in order to obtain satisfaction. Addictive behavior is considered as an autodestructive behavior in connection with the dependence on a certain activity or the use of any substances for the purpose of changing the mental state, experienced as an irresistible craving for the object of addiction and the impossibility of representing life without a given object. This behavior has an autodestructive character due to the fact that it significantly violates the personality of the addict and the functioning of his organism. Addictive behavior is understood as one of the forms of deviant personality behavior associated with abuse by someone or something with the purpose of self-regulation or adaptation.

Given the above, in this study, addictive behavior is understood as autodestructive behavior, expressed in a person’s desire to escape from reality through the use of certain substances or constant concentration on certain types of activity with the aim of artificially changing his mental state. In general, we can assume that the integrative function of addictive behavior is the compensatory escape from the existing reality by creating an ideal illusory new reality with the subsequent immersion into it in order to achieve the maximum euphoric state.

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This process is called memory strengthening. This is the process of transferring information from our short-term memory to our long-term memory. And this is how the information moves from our working memory to the long-term memory in which you create links between this information and all that you know. So, you have this cool, life-changing piece of information in your short-term memory. But then you hear an alert that a new letter has come. The key point is attention. And if we lose control over our attention or we constantly divide it, we will not be able to truly enjoy this consolidation process. But now you can hear from many: “Why teach something, if now all the information of the world is in one search clique from you?” The fact is that now in us there are small changes, changes in our intellects. If you use your mind in this way – quickly find the information you need and quickly forget it – you will never have new knowledge. You will be simplified like a computer. This means that our humanity is in danger. And it will be very unfortunate if we all assimilate. Because humanity is very rare and if you look at the greatest monuments of art – they are all created by people who were able to concentrate and control their consciousness. This is what allows us to think conceptually, critically and very creatively. And it is this type of thinking that runs the risk of being blurred by one video with a cat every time. The Internet is good for many things and we should be happy about it. But the best thing we can do for our minds is to find a little time each day to shut down, calm down and focus on one task at a time. Your mail and cats will not go away anywhere and will wait for your return.



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