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Study Orientation in the Education Journey

The education journey is a long one and traces roots from the beginning of school to the highest level. In my case, each of the educational stages presented a different form of study orientation. The study orientation was highly determined by the objectives attached to the study. The study orientation has been improving for the better as I made my up the ladder. I applied the shallow orientation while I was at the high school level. This is because my main aim was to pass the exam and nothing much beyond that. Therefore, I concentrated on memorizing the content provided by the teachers as well as that in the books. This enabled me to do well in the exams, though I really did not fully understand the entire concept. Upon reaching the college level, the study orientation changed to deep orientation. This was driven by the fact that I expected to get out of school and seek employment. Therefore, I felt that it was only right to understand the content being taught in class as I aimed to apply the same in the field. Therefore, it was easy for me to understand all the engineering practices and theories so as to apply them in the field. This worked well for me as I found it easy to relate to the engineering field after attaining my first employment. After enrolling for my master’s while still being employed, I utilized the performance study orientation. Because of this, I hoped to be the best engineer for my company. I expected that I would learn the various concepts that would make the best out of me. I, therefore, concentrated on the improvement areas which could be applicable to work. It was all aimed at improving my ability to offer the best services as an engineer.

Successful and unsuccessful study habits

Successful study habits:

Getting organized: This allows the student to prepare well in advance for the study he or she is to take.

Developing a study plan: This aspect enables a student to follow a certain procedure when conducting a study.

Creating study groups: Study groups are quite effective in successful studying. This allows better understanding among the discussion peers and thus pushes performance ability.

Looking into the future: Students should have an objective that they intend to attain in the future (Yin 2017). This study is guided by intentions, thus making it fruitful and directional.

Unsuccessful habits:

Memorizing: This included clamming of the book content. It is done just to pass an exam. This should be improved to have a better understanding.

Connectivity: Studying while connected to social media destroys one’s ability to concentrate. The student should ensure that he is away from such distractions.

Insufficient time: Studying requires some reasonable time to be enhanced. Therefore, the student needs to organize sufficient time to cover the amount of work that matches such time (Hancock and Algozzine 2016). Too much content cannot be mastered in a few seconds.

Modification of habits to suit each orientation

To suit the performance orientation, I would change my habits to one where I set my study objectives. I would ensure that I determine the desired performance before I start studying (Lewis 2015). To suit the social orientation, I would ensure that I form a discussion group to carry out the study together. To suit the deep orientation, I would ensure that I develop an active learning habit so as to better my level of understanding. To suit the shallow orientation, I would develop the skimming procedures that require me to peruse the details of a book.


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