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Strength of Odysseus Essay

Odysseus may seem to have been weak in books 5 and 6. However, he becomes more powerful and stronger with time. His ability to attain what he wants portrays more of a cunning character than strength. However, the achievements cannot be any closer to anybody that is weak. Odysseus’ strength cannot be weighed in terms of their physical appearance but on the ability to plan and execute his ambitions efficiently. Various circumstances in books 7-9 indicate the strong points of Odysseus. First, Odysseus portrays her strength in his ability to execute the suitors who invade his home with the intention of destruction. Odysseus disguises his identity and gets into the compound. All along, he remains firm knowing well that if his identity is determined she would die. The suitors are many, but Odysseus manages to interact with and engage them in a competition. He, therefore, uses his strength of mind to execute all of them within a short period. With all their strength, the suitors are not able to escape death after being tricked.

Another point of reference is when Odysseus visits Phaeacians soon after Poseidon destroys his raft. In this case, Odysseus again uses his mental strength and disguises himself as a beggar. He attains a lot and is treated well in accordance with the traditions of the people that dictate good treatment for strangers and beggars. He remains strong all through the time he spends with the rivals.

Odysseus also shows that he gets stronger with time by being the first to come up with the idea of getting to Troy city. In this case, he suggests that they hide some of the warriors inside the presupposed gift, the huge horse. He wins and shows his strength after the warriors emerge and open the gates of the city. Therefore, Odysseus becomes stronger and more powerful with time.




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