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Strategic Analysis of Choco Monarch


Choco monarch started in the year 2013. It is a new place for lovers of chocolate to experience delights of Belgian chocolates with unique presentations and concept. It is a café with an advanced and innovative design, which provides a variety of tasty chocolaty products along with wide range of scrumptious desserts, cold and hot beverages and much more. It is located in Al Ghurair Centre, Dubai (United Arab Emirates).

Strategic Position

Choco monarch with its innovative designs and a wide variety of chocolate products helped them to grow rapidly in restaurant market of Dubai within the short period. Though several cafes posted signs of threat for Choco monarch, still they have been showing some progress in the market. Choco monarch adopted a different strategy to establish itself in the market. It has a different and innovative design along with good market leadership. It provides a place to its customer where they can relax from work or home. Cost leadership is one of the important strategies used by the different companies to accomplish their goals. It is defined as the strategy to develop a product with low cost and has good and unique quality. The same thing is provided by the Choco monarch to their customers.

Mission Statement

Choco monarch is completely a new place with the aim to provide a unique and relaxing place to customers to feel a great experience of “Belgian chocolates delights” at low cost. Their mission statement is “Our customers will experience the real taste of unique chocolate treats in a warm, cosy and stylish ambience where they can enjoy & relax with the whole family.” They are clear about their objectives which makes it easy for them to achieve their goals of getting an excellent position in UAE.

Marketing of Products and Services

Choco monarch cafe is completely committed to creating a positive picture in the community. It has good relationships with their customers through using cost-effective marketing strategies. Their primary source of advertisements is social media. Through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, they contact with consumers and make them aware of their products. Choco monarch cafe has a variety of items in their menu such as bakery items, brewed coffee, hot and cold beverages, but their major products are Belgian chocolates with good presentation.

Choco monarch café Growth

Choco monarch has shown significant growth in the short period. They have a plan to establish their outlets in other parts of Dubai as well before moving to other cities of United Arab Emirates. Currently, they have just one store in Dubai. A large number of customers in Choco monarch are those who like Belgian chocolates. Most people like to visit the place and preferred to take their meals there. Now, more consumers are preferred to drink coffee in the workplace. It means that percentage of people who want products to be delivered to their workplace is significant increases. Choco monarch café has grabbed the opportunity and started delivery of products at home or workplace.

Major challenges they face in the expansion of their business is the presences of other cafes such as McDonald’s, Star Bucks, Dunkin Donuts and other local and international cafes. People prefer to go to Star bucks or other cafes for drinking coffee. Therefore, it is a huge challenge for Choco monarch to change the preference of customers. However, regarding chocolate products, they are one of the preferred cafes in the Dubai.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Major strengths of Choco monarch café include its pricing strategy. Prices of their products are comparatively low as compared to their competitors such as costa and Starbucks. Secondly, their innovative interior design helps them to attract more and more customers. Moreover, they always try to increase more items in their menu to attract consumers of different ages and different backgrounds such as Kids menu. Like many places in Dubai, the idea of providing free Wi-Fi to their customers is proving to be an excellent strategy, as it boasts many customers. It has made a significant increase in the profit of Choco monarch café.

One of the major weakness of the Choco monarch café is the lack of availability of healthy items in their food menu. Cafes like costa café have healthy items on their food menu as well that attract many health-conscious people in their restaurant. Secondly, their marketing strategy is just lagging behind as compared to its competitors, who used a variety of media to make people aware of their products, deals and discounts. On the other hand, Choco monarch café relies on social media for the marketing of their café and related products.


One of the major challenges faced by the Choco monarch café is to create a brand image and expand its outlet in the presence of well-recognised local and international cafes such as Coastal, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, McDonald’s and other local cafes and restaurants.

Future Plans

Drinking coffee with friends and families is one of the important social phenomena. Choco monarch café is trying to provide a comfortable environment where people enjoy drink coffee or chocolate products while chatting with their friend, working on their laptops and reading a newspaper. There are a large number of coffee drinkers in the Dubai and Choco monarch café is one of the preferred dine-in locations. They will try to improve their marketing strategies further and will be relied on both internal and external marketing strategies to expand their business in the local as well as in international market. They will serve their customers by providing same quality products and with good hygienic practices in every aspect of their café. If Choco monarch café will make their advertising and branding programs better, they would be able to retain more customers and may be able to attract a large number of customers with their excellent and innovative environment and high-quality products.



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