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Stereotypes Essay

We have different thoughts and beliefs about a particular group of people, class or a community. When one person from a city is a criminal people think his family or community are all criminals. A person behavior makes a society to be respected or to get a bad name. Human mind always come up with new thoughts about people we meet. Every group loves to be associated with good behavior, and they will try to make a good impression for themselves. Some beliefs that we come up with are valid while others are lies. Through our thoughts, the social world becomes simple as the amount of thinking is minimal upon meetings new person. A Person has different abilities and characteristic. Thus we assume every member of the community has same qualities, for example as sober as a judge. Stereotype helps us to react quickly to different events as we may have experienced the same before. At times we think about things about people that are no true, ignoring the fact that people are different from one another. We categorize people socially through our thinking which leads to dislike of people, group or community.

Racial Stereotypes

There are different beliefs and thoughts in various races, culture or ethnic groups. We view Jews as shrewd and mercenary, Japanese as sly, Negro as lazy and Americans as intelligent and industrious. Racial stereotypes give credit to the people who create them, on the other hand, other races are unimportant. Every ethnic group has racial beliefs regarding other communities or groups (Yip, 2016). Psychologists say it is normal for human being to have certain opinions or thoughts about a particular group or community. Stereotypes are beneficial as it helps various groups identify with one’s group, thus getting protection and promoting success and group safety. Racial stereotypes pass across generations as some of them are recorded literature books.

Stereotype Threat

A person may fear to do something that will confirm an adverse stereotype as true. Nobody wants to be associated with a severe behavior of their community that people believed to be true. Even if a person doesn’t believe in stereotype, he or she knows it is a threat. It is normal for a person to fear about how other people will think of him, in an individual situation. Stereotype threat causes emotional distress and worries that at times may cause students to perform poorly. At times students fear that society view and their group treatment will contribute negatively to their future. For example, students doing a test under stereotype threat, are less likely to reread questions and recheck answers thus performing poorly compared to students under no stereotype threat? (Helmreich, 2017).

If one person makes a mistake or behaves negatively, we should not term everyone in that group as evil. Everyone has a different personality which is by how we view things. It is complicated to change how people believe or see a group or a community. We should try to motivate and support each other through positive stereotypes. We may have different skin color, but we are equal in our creator’s eyes. Negative stereotypes make us isolate ourselves from a specific group of people especially ones associated with witchcraft. Good people suffer emotionally and mentally when we see them as a threat. We should embrace our culture without worrying how other people will perceive us. Some thought and beliefs define and remind us of who we are, thus bring a sense of pride in us. Beliefs tell us of our ancestors and our origin. We should try to change our negative behavior to make a good name for ourselves and our community. We should not let our community or group stereotype make us fail our studies or life.


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