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SSJ No Limit Innovation’s Need for Investors SSJ

No Limit Innovations is a brand-new company emerging out of Southern California. Our primary objective is to aid in the fight against cancer by finding a non-chemical treatment that cures the lives of our trusting patients. We at SSJ No Limit Innovations have struggled to attract investors who believe in our business model as a start-up. After discussing many different ideas on how to improve this, we have settled on the idea of finding investors through the utilization of marketing agencies that can help broaden our reach to the right people in the healthcare system.

We intend to collaborate with one of three companies: Good Apple, Excel Digital Marketing, or Cardinal Digital Marketing. Within our research of these marketing companies, we hope to create a relationship with the one that can help us reach the most cancer patients for clinical trials, and healthcare professionals who are interested in investing in our product in this field. Our business unit leaders will focus on target markets and specific profit and loss concerns.

In conclusion, SSJ No Limit Innovations needs a marketing company to help us achieve our goals in the Healthcare system.

This includes successfully reaching new investors and cancer patients for clinical trials and ensuring the success of SSJ No Limit Innovations’ cancer treatment in the United States, Europe, and Mexico.

Comparison between the Three Companies

To pick the best match for SSJ No Limits in regards to digital marketing solutions; a thorough comparison of the three companies must be conducted to find the best match.

Good Apple

Good Apple is an innovation leader in the industry, it was founded in 2008 and the company have established a family-friendly environment at the workplace, delivering through its motto of being a small agency with big results. The close-knit environment lets employees, and their canines work together and greet everyone with a smile, “A company full of humans and their canine companions” (Good Apple).


This marketing company is known for driving campaign efficiency and you are always greeted with passion. “An independent agency is known for improving partner efficiencies on average 30% while making their lives easier” (Good Apple). Their seamless strategy solution design has often exceeded expectations and they aggressively optimize a campaign to fit a company’s needs, while at the same time keeping you informed as often as requested. “Good Apple has over $100M in annual revenue and a triple-digit year-over-year growth rate since its inception. Good Apple has delivered results for many customers” (Good Apple Careers).

Some of those customers are Starbucks, Shire Pharmaceuticals, and startup companies such as Zola and Bonobos. They are ranked in the Top 100 places to work in New City for five straight years beginning in 2015. They are known for effectively expanding awareness of your brand, increasing traffic to the company’s website and their award-winning marketing strategy is personalized to the company’s needs, not to mention they are also cost-effective.


A reason that may discourage people from seeking Good Apple to do marketing business is that they only have 3 locations for walk-in clients. Their Corporate headquarters is in New York and their offices are in Las Vegas and Chicago. While they limited the number of people who can reach them in person, they purposely chose these states because they represent the heart of the United States to Good Apple. Another disadvantage is that employees work long hours due to rapid growth and management is not able to hire quickly enough. This may cause issues with getting projects done correctly and promptly. Moreover, training also needs to be stronger and structurally sound.

Excel Digital

Excel Digital Marketing is an Atlanta-based digital marketing company that has been successfully operating for more than 10 years. Excel Digital Marketing specializes in driving traffic, leads, and sales to clients’ businesses through the use of Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click campaigns, and content marketing.


Excel Digital Marketing uses an array of technologies to benefit its clients including brand awareness, increased leads, major drive in online traffic, and time efficiency. A major feature that Excel Digital Marketing offers is the utilization of an array of online resources to attract potential clients from untapped markets. These resources include:

  • Video Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization


Excel Digital Marketing has more advantages than disadvantages. The main disadvantage to using Excel Digital Marketing is that they do not offer Google Ads support and their services are a bit high for SSJ No Limit Innovation’s current budget.

Cardinal Digital Marketing

Cardinal digital is a well-established online marketing platform that helps in accelerating the growth of the local business across the US, Singapore, and other countries in Asia. It has been doing very well in recent years with exceptional performance. The company mainly focuses on driving sustainable digital growth for clients through design, marketing, and technology.


Cardinal Digital marketing will effectively market the business since they are among the top e-commerce companies doing exceptionally well. Cardinal Digital is a consultancy firm that has empowered many local businesses across US and Singapore. The company has well-set strategies and advanced experts who help businesses achieve their goals. Cardinal Digital Marketing has a team of highly experienced digital marketing experts who can bring investors to the company. The team is committed to their work and strives at all costs to deliver. When dealing with a start-up or launching a new business, it is good to deal with an agency with dedicated partners who are not prone to errors. This would guarantee the success of the business. Cardinal digital marketing is well known for having experts from different places who can offer quality consultancy and ensure the growth of the business (Cherenkov et al.).

The company also leveraged best-in-class marketing technology. The company guarantees access to the latest tools and technologies, which helps in digital marketing and the best practices that ensure successful marketing and SEO initiatives. The company has access to top-tier partnerships since they manage the highest media for clients (Angel).


Despite having the competitive advantages, the company has several shortcomings which hinder some of its operations in digital marketing. The company is only limited to specific locations; hence not everyone in the world can access its services. They operate mainly in Asia, the US, and other regions; this limits the different experiences from other regions like Arab countries and African countries. They have more paid ads to offer which do not guarantee return always. The company is more expensive to clients and may drain new businesses financially. The cost of their services can be a problem for an institution that is not economically stable. This has made some clients reluctant to use the platform in recent years. Their ratings have been reduced recently due to these two significant issues that have impacted their operation in digital marketing across the globe.

The number of prominent clients not only shows the number of success stories of each company but also their portfolio that showcases their clients’ of different industries. Having clients from different industries show the capability of the marketing agency as adapting to different niches can be a very difficult task. Cardinal Digital Marketing may have more number of success stories, however; its portfolio is not versatile. Excel Marketing has fewer prominent clients but these clients come from different industries. Interestingly, the most versatile portfolio belongs to Good Apple as they have an extensive portfolio of clients that belong to different industries.

The focus of Cardinal Digital Marketing is on optimizing the business through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and carrying out extensive ads campaigns to turn people into leads. Leads are the people that can turn into potential customers, however; this strategy may not be successful all the time, and to successfully secure the desired number of leads, the ad campaigns may have to run for an indefinite amount of time. This can be extremely expensive and can potentially drain the smaller businesses. Excel Marketing focuses on the outlook of the business by providing creative solutions like logo design, website design, etc. This can be helpful as a clean and professional look can allow the business to gain the trust of its clients, however; this is not enough in all cases. Only Good Apple is providing complete marketing solutions that take care of all the process of digital marketing which includes; analyzing the business, developing an effective marketing strategy, developing actionable marketing solutions, presenting a feasible budget, creating a timeline, etc. These in-depth solutions guarantee successful marketing as planning and research is done ahead of time which allows adapting if a problem arises.

The Best Company

In light of this comparison, it is quite clear that the best choice for SSJ No Limits is Good Apple as not only this company has a versatile portfolio but it also provides complete marketing solutions. Good Apple may not be a big company but its clientele proves that the company is competent and can bring the client marketing solutions that are tailored to their needs. SSJ No Limits is a budding company with unstable financial prospects so even though working with a big company may be tempting; they should keep in mind that it will not be feasible so they should opt for Good Apple as develops a marketing strategy according to the client’s budget. So to summarize the best fit for SSJ No Limits is Good Apple as it can adapt to the clients’ needs.

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