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Speech: “How to Recognize Toxic Friends”

I am sure that everyone present in this room must have gone through a toxic friendship. Friendship is one of the prominent aspects of our lives. True friends ease our pain and anguish in tough times. However, some toxic friends pretend that they are our close friends, but they are harming us emotionally. These toxic friends hide their vile nature behind masks and pretend to be our loyal friends. Nevertheless, the question arises how can you recognize these toxic friends from your true and devoted friends?

Toxic friends can be distinguished from your true friends. You can recognize these toxic friends in many ways. The major way involves your mental evaluation of the friends in your social circle. You can distinguish toxic friends by your mental evaluation of the following attributes. True friends are those who help you in boosting your self-esteem and emotional well-being. On the other hand, toxic friends are those who always demean you with different jokes and bring your self-confidence down. True friends always love you the way you are. However, toxic friends always criticize you and compare you with other people. Toxic friends increase your mental pressure and tension rather than decreasing it. After completing the mental evaluation of recognizing these toxic friends, you must take immediate steps to remove these toxic friends from your friends and social circle. You must either try to avoid them or end your friendship with them.

Indeed, a toxic friendship affects our mental well-being and social life. However, it is essential to come across a toxic friend in your life. It is necessary to suffer from a toxic friendship to understand the significance of our true friends.



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