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Social Networking and its Uses

Social networking is an online platform in which people create social relations and networks with other people who share similar career or personal interests, real-life connections, activities, and backgrounds. In the last few years, social media has grown tremendously. Unexpectedly, the growth rate is very high. Specially Facebook and Twitter have captured millions of users and grown at a faster rate. More and more people grasp the benefits of growing technology, and so do I?

As I have accounts on Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram through which I can share my events and any information. And I followed many people I like the most which include not only my friends but also celebrities, political people, artists, and musicians. So that I can easily communicate and interact with my followers and check their tweets and status instantly. I always used to make small videos on Facebook of upcoming events which creates excitement around my friends. I have noticed one thing well-planned posts and tweets can build up excitement surrounding your event. I shared useful information e.g. onsite tips and registration deadlines by putting status and we have a class group on Facebook in which we discuss topics and share lectures.

As I have followed many experts and professionals on social media, educate me and enhance my knowledge about any field. Social media also helps me to connect with many people regardless of location and religion. Whenever I need help and guidance, I can get it from the community I am connected with. Most of the time, television doesn’t provide us with true information, but social media update me on what’s going on in the world.

Besides these, one of the major drawbacks of social media is that face-to-face connection and communication have been reduced. Everyone is busy checking their phones and tabs. Cyberbullying is common due to fake accounts. Privacy and personal data can be hacked on the internet. Most teenagers are addicted to social media which disturbs their personal life and it can be dangerous to their health by the excessive use of technologies. So be careful while using new technologies.



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