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Effect of Social Media on Teenagers

The article looks at the negative effects of the social media on teenagers. It also outlines the ways in which teenagers can cut back on using social media. The article has been written in a format that is easy to understand and the author has used reference to support the ideas. It is valuable for not only teenagers but parents as well. One of the effects is relational aggression which is the need to have more “likes” on social media. Some of the ways that are highlighted in the article to reduce the risk of using social media include speaking directly, building friendships offline and not engaging on online disagreements. Social media is an important for keeping in touch with family and friends who are far away. However, it should be used in moderation to avoid suffering the negative effects that it brings to an individual.

The article outlines the effects social media has on the brain. Author has used several studies to support the effects that social media can have on one’s brain. When speaking face to face an individual uses gestures and facial expression to determine the effectiveness of a message. However, when it comes to the online world, the effectiveness of a message is determined through the likes or retweets. The author has used several studies to show the impact that social media has on a teenager’s brain. Some of the effects that social media has on the brain highlighted in the article are reward circuitry, peer influence and social learning. The time spent on social media can grow and change a teenager’s brain. The new skills help teenagers to adopt with the changing environment.

Media plays a vital part in shaping the behavior of teenagers. The article highlights the media influence on teenagers. It is suitable for both teenagers and parents. It has been written in a language that is easy to read and clear. It highlights the influence of media on risky behavior. It shows how social media is linked to negative behavior among the teenagers. It also shows the positive teenage behavior that result from using social media. The article goes further to show how media celebrities can influence teenagers. It gives parents ways on how to help their teenagers handle media influence. Some of the methods that parents can use include monitoring social media and talking to their teenagers about the social media messages. Parents can also help their teenagers balance their social media use by encouraging them to participate in physical activities.

There is no doubt that social media has changed the way in which people communicate. Teenagers are among the most affected group in the society. Text messages have become part and parcel of teenager’s life and it is making parents worried each passing day. The article shows research conducted on teenagers to identify the impact that social media has on their lives. Social media exposes children to stalking since most of the time they will give their location online. Other effects highlighted in the article are cyber bullying and indirect communication. The article has opinions from experienced psychologists. It concludes by giving parents advice on what they can do to limit the use of social media. The suggestions given are for parents to be in the fore front to help stop the increased use of social media in teenagers. Parents need to minimize their use of social media.



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