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Soccer and Basketball Games Essay

Soccer and basketball are the two most popular games all over the world. They are played a lot and international players have millions of fans all over the world. Since both the games don’t need expensive infrastructure, equipment and trainings so they are played in all parts of the world on local levels. There are variety of similarities and differences which are discussed underneath in the paper. Football is comparatively an easy game, international known and could be played with some simple rules. Basketball needs to be learned hard and the physique of the individual also matters while playing (Timmins, 1524-1535). Some similarities could also be considered with respect to the ground and the ball. Internationally football is supported by the Brazilian and European leagues while basketball is purely played in United States and its neighboring states as a school game. The main aim of the paper is to discuss comparatively about the soccer and basketball.

Soccer in other words football is a European game and have the history for more than a 100 years. Basketball is in contrast the American game and was introduced in 1891. The football was initially the men’s game and was played by the men in outdoor environment. Basketball was the women’s gymnastics exercise. Both games had least chances of injuries so they were introduced in the new generation children as well as young adults.

Football grounds are comparatively larger than that of the basketball. 125 x 65 yards ground is prepared for the football and 94 x 50 yards ground is used for basketball. Officially basketball is played on the wooden floors while the football on the grass (Wu). The ball used for football is made of colorful pentagons but originally the ball was made up of black and white. Ball for basketball is larger in size and is commonly made up of brown leather.

The goals are completely different. Football goals are comparatively larger and the game is played by foot and hands are not allowed and forbidden during the game. Start of the game is with placing the football in the center of the ground. Basketball have a basket as a goal and it is lifted higher from the human height (Köklü). Penalty is imposed on the player if he violates any rule in both games. In football team, there are eleven players at most while in the basketball, there are only seven players.

Football is an outdoor game and normally the repeated activity which is done to play is fumbling while in the basketball it is known as dribbling. Soccer players normally plays football while the basketball players wear the sneakers. Both games are highly appreciated and loved by the crowds because of the player’s tactics and athletic approaches as well as the competitiveness (Köklü). The football players are comparatively the most paid game players than that of the basketball players. On international levels, the football is played more than comparatively the basketball. Both games are properly learned on the school levels and players use to plays as a career.

In a nutshell it can be concluded that soccer and basketball are both games with some good and highly appreciated games in all over the world. According to a number of different facts and discussion as mentioned above they are similar as well as different. They are highly energy consuming games and are suggested for the physical activity as well for making one self physically fit and active. United States was recently trying to ban these games for being played in the educational institutes because of concussions but it is still under consideration because of public claims which are under consideration.

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