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Slavery Was an Institution that “Victimized” Everyone by Frederick Douglass

In the argument of Mr.Fredric that slavery was an institution that victimized everyone. It affected both the slaves, the slaveholders, and the slaves.  Slavery has damaged society morally and spiritually. The overseers and the slaveholders were brutal to the slaves, and the other white people started feeling guilty and ashamed of their actions toward humanity.

In My Bondage and My Freedom, Frederick, the slave owners, and their children are victimized because they allow themselves to believe that treating other people like animals is just fine. The non-slave owners are affected by the immoral economic advantages practices of the slave owners. The argument further points out how slavery victimized the community in general; it forced everyone to accept the cheap exchange of life and dignity of human beings. (Douglass, Frederick,p.37)

The slaveholders had nothing to fear from their childhood they could administer cruel infliction. They lived with hunger and cold during their childhood, so they could not pierce the other frames. The life. the life of a slave child was favored and petted by the white children of the slaveholders. It’s further argued that slave boys could escape the trouble that affected the white children because their mothers could take the burdens for them. Despite the white children being challenged by slavery, Fredrick explains that they are privileged to be taken to school and do not encounter all the misfortunes affecting slave boys negatively. (Douglass, Frederick,p.48)

The arguments made by Fredric are true to say that slavery victimized everyone during the period of the slave trade. The children of the slaves were affected mostly since their mothers were taken captive by slaveholders leaving them without families. Most of the mothers had many children but had no families with fathers. Slavery does away with fathers thus destroying the unity of a family. Thus we agree that slavery affected both the children, mothers, and fathers (Douglass, Frederick,p.57)

The white women were also victims of slavery for they were viewed as idols by their slaveholder husbands and not wives. Slave women he held were of importance to the slaveholders for they valued them so much more than their wives. In the case that the wife complained, woe to her for she will receive kicks and stripes from the husband. The slaveholders sold their wives and remained with the slave women they loved and made them their wives. Selling your flesh in slavery is seen as a scandal, but for instance, it’s an act of humanity towards the slave child.

According to Mr. Fredric, the old master lost his terror as the chief master of Col. Lloyd’s plantation the mater had a lot of duties that he had to administer to the slaves while the slaveholders worked under him and received orders from him The young slaves worked as shoemakers, and they were respected in the plantation for their work, respect was for everyone in the plantation. Both the slaves and the slaveholders worked under the master with the same rule; it’s true to say that slavery victimized everyone. The master could go with the key of all stores as the allowances of the slaveholders and slaves were measured at the end of the month. (Douglass, Frederick,p.44)

Fredrick speaks kindly about the white wife (Sophia Auld) for his slaveholding master, her kindness is appreciated by Fredric  In My Bondage and My Freedom. although when the slaveholding husband discovered that his wife had been teaching him to read, he immediately viewed a slave woman with the ability to read as dangerous to the slavery institution and the shareholder himself. Anytime Sophia found her husband reading, she could beat him up, and later, she managed to change the institution. She also changes the power of being a slaveholder while the human is considered to be the property instead of the human victimized not only the slave but also the women like Sophia (Douglass, Frederick,p.87)

In conclusion, (Douglass, Frederick,p.121) slavery victimized everyone in the world of slave trading. The slaves were victims of the brutality of the slaveholders and the non-slaves; mostly men were enslaved to provide labor. The slaveholders allowed themselves to work with cruelty towards the slaves, which was deemed wise for the gratitude toward humor to inflict. Slaveholders and the whites took a lot of pleasure in the slave women it affected their children and the families that had no fathers.



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