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Silver Lining Playbook By Matthew Quick

The book Silver Lining Playbook was written by an English teacher called Matthew Quick, who stayed in Collingwood. He was teaching at a high school called Haddonfield Memorial High School. Later, he decided to chase his novel-writing dream. As a result, he went and stayed in England with his in-laws, turning their basements into writing offices. He wrote three novels before writing the Silver Linings playbook.

Starting from page three of the book, the narrator’s fiction story seems to be believable. The narrator introduces a character called Pat, who is portrayed as a simple man and lovable, wanting to feel the gap between him and his wife and gain “apart-time” close.

The author introduces a number of characters that can be related since we are familiar with people like them. His mother seems to be courageous since she knows what is right, and she desires her son to be rich and happy as well as have her immediate family continue living in harmony. On the other hand, the father seems to be abusive and angry because he needs support from his family in irrationality together with the Philadelphia Eagles. Other supporting characters evident in the book are realistic as well as recognizable.

Matthew Quick seems to like eagles as well as football since he often uses them in his writing. Being a football admirer, I found it interesting without any disturbance. When I was reading the book, I found somewhere that the author was driving round trips for ten hours to attend each eagle home game.

Pat is one of the dominant characters in the book(Quick, 2010). Pat continues to do his daily work and read literary novels after he leaves the mental hospital. He does this reading as well as daily work in order to be an individual as his separated wife, Nikki, wants. Pat peoples formulates a theory about the silver linings whereby his life is like a movie that God made, his life mission involved becoming physically fit as well as he is created to stay with Nikki. As a result, Pat began running every day in order to live a better life with a difference. As I was reading, I knew a strange thing must have happened between Pat and his wife, Nikki, though the author did not disclose it till he had almost finished his book. On the other hand, a funny sister-in-law of Pat’s friend stalks Pat when he is running; however, she says nothing to him, Tiffany. When Pat met a clinically depressed and tragically windowed woman, Tiffany, she requested to act as a link between his wife and him(Quick, 2010). This offer was on the condition that Pat leaves watching football and accepts to present in the year’s dance competition, as well as keeping their agreement a secret. This leaves me in the dilemma of how this lady was going to act as a link. However, the end of this book reveals she never aided him but fell in love with him.

The main reason that made me love the book is that it gives an opportunity to begin a conversation on mental health, and it limits itself around the subject without making any forward progress. It sheds some light on the dilemma that most families encounter in their daily lives.

I neither cry nor laugh more especially when reading any book, however I found while reading this playbook I did both(Quick, 2010).. This book is not technically a masterpiece because it has silver linings, sadness, humour, and heartbreaks. It is really an entertaining book, which, in my opinion, is a masterpiece. Therefore, I highly recommend this playbook since it is very interesting to read.


Quick, M. (2010). The silver linings playbook.



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