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Should Violent Video Games be banned?

Children and sometimes adults always get a great pass time by playing online video games. These games are mostly violent and display such scenes like sexual assault, killing and harming others. These games tend to have addiction effects on the players, and thus a child can spend a whole day playing such games. This addiction effect calls for parents to control the games their children play and at what time. But it is nearly impossible since the games are virtually everywhere in the current world. The games are all over the neighborhood in gaming dens. Therefore the aim of this paper is to discuss if such violent games should be banned.

Violent games have different effects on different individuals. The effects also vary depending on the kind of game that a person is addicted to or likes playing. But one effect that is common to all the games is an addiction. This is a terrible thing to a child as he or she gets entirely distracted from doing anything else. This leads to poor grades in school as he cannot concentrate in his or her studies, loses track of his or her talent as he sacrifices that time to play games (Cunningham, Benjamin and Michael 1270). But the effect that has caused ripples among parents is the possibility of violent behavior in those kids who play such games.

Parents have tried to control their children and prevent them from accessing the games, but it doesn’t work as the games are virtually everywhere. The stores increased the prices of buying the games so as the children cannot afford them. But the kids rent the games instead as it is cheaper for them (Greitemeyer and Dirk, 580). Therefore to curb such a problem, the games should be entirely banned for children below the age of 18. This will ensure that children have enough time to study and advance their talent. In addition to that, children will take more time playing games that help in brain development for example chess and thus improve on their intellectuality (Gitter et al. 347).

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In conclusion, violent games should be banned in the United States and the World as they have more effects that the good they have to our children. Their addictive nature is the most significant problem as it has led to children losing track of their talents and also losing concentration in studies. This is one way or the other is going to affect the world economy adversely as our children are spending a lot of time in gaming than in developing their skills to make them better people of tomorrow.

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