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Short Paper about Learning Opportunity regarding Philosophy Course


The struggle to know the things, objects, surrounding environment, universal truths, and multiple aspects of life is fascinating when one does not know about them (Eliot, 2020). The said joy becomes manifold when the progress and growth in this regard become evident. Such a case was with philosophy subject when I selected it. Starting to know about this subject and its applications was tough as well as very remarkable. It was wonderful in the sense that I was not expecting such a vast canvas of applications at the start of this subject. So, the real achievement is to know about the unknown, either it is a subject or something else.

Explanation & Illumination:

This subject’s multiple dimensions and applications revealed new horizons to me while covering the various topics, concepts, and ideas relating to philosophy. At the beginning of the said course, it was unimaginable for me that philosophy has something to do with religion, norms of social life, goal-oriented strategies, enthusiastic growth of human personality, and setting examples for future generations. We have learned how philosophy has relations with heavenly religions, i.e., Biblical teachings. The Biblical religion gave the baselines of multiple aspects of human life globally, and philosophy urged the human mind to probe and search the reality behind these principles (Moreland & Craig, 2017).  In this way, human belief and faith can acquire strength when it fulfills the demands of wisdom.

Moreover, we have learned a lot about the splendorous philosophers who spend their lives solving complex human problems by utilizing the applications of philosophy. These genius minds throughout the world addressed humanity by considering it as one unit. By looking deep into their works, maxims, and philosophical ideas, it seems like that they belong to one society and nation, and that is humanity and human generation. Such broadmindedness is only the attribute of philosophy, regarding which I was not aware of before that. This course is really an immense blessing in the long run for me.

Furthermore, we have learned the alliance and relation of philosophy with other education disciplines, either pure sciences or social sciences. The concepts and ideas bestowed by the philosophy to human beings are based on real applications that we observe daily. For example, the values of discipline, courage, and bravery teach us the life norms and practical view of life on the earth. We have learned through this course that the said values are of great worth, and these should be practiced instead of lip wordings.

However, we have also learned that philosophy also has some limitations as well. It teaches human beings that all the personals are not made for performing all the tasks. Instead of that, all human beings are made for particular tasks to perform. Nature has devised the whole mechanism of the universe under some rules and regulations as well as on the principles of balance. The desires and wills of all human beings cannot be fulfilled in a manner whatever anyone wants to be but on the fulfillment of set criteria assigned by the Omnipotent.


Last but not least, we can conclude that there is a lot of difference in the field of learning between the time when we started this course and the time right now. The satisfaction of the human mind and soul depends on some achievements in life, and the highest achievement is knowledge. In this way, I found myself a fortunate person who has opted for this philosophy course and learned many new things that I did not know before. My concepts about life have been improved, which have made my life purposeful and joyable.


Eliot, C. W. (2020). The new education. In The Rise of the Research University (pp. 229-247). University of Chicago Press.

Moreland, J. P., & Craig, W. L. (2017). Philosophical foundations for a Christian worldview. InterVarsity Press.



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