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Sex, Power And Politics Questions And Answers

1) Is sex/sexuality repressed, according to Foucault? Explain why or why not.

According to Foucault, sexuality had been repressed. He argues that sexuality had been repressed between the seventeenth and the twentieth century as a result of the growth of bourgeois society and capitalism. During this time, there were stringent rules with regard to sex and sexuality, which included screening out some words and policing statements. Moreover, he states that discourse on sexuality emerged during the period when sexuality was examined scientifically, thus encouraging people to make the confession of their sexual emotions as well as their actions.

2) Is sexuality a social construction? What evidence is there either way?

Sexuality is a social construction. By saying this, we mean that sexuality, together with sexual orientation,n is always structured and shaped by the factors of the society and culture in which we live. I am evident that sexuality is currently viewed as any sexual orientation that any given person has the liberty to choose whether to affiliate with or not. For instance, one prefers to affiliate himself with the gay. This becomes his sexual orientation.

3) What role do science and discourse play in sexuality?

Science and discourse enabled people to scientifically examine sexualit,y thereby encouraging people to have the confidence of confessing their sexual feelings and actions. Consequently, as a result of science and discourse, society developed a keen interest in sexualities that had no space within the marital bond. Therefore, discourse and science led to an exploration of sexuality through both scientific inquiry and confession.

4) How does discourse influence sexuality on an individual level and a societal level?

Discourse on sexuality influenced sexuality in the following ways: first, at the individual level, discourse enabled people to confess their sexual feelings and actions confidently. At the societal level, on the other hand, discourse led to the freedom to talk about sex more and more. Moreover, the agencies of power were now determined to hear sex and sexuality spoken about as well as causing it to be spoken about through endlessly accumulated and explicitly articulated detail.



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