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Sensory Marketing by Singapore Airlines


Sensory marketing is one the most widely used techniques to attract potential customers and according to EHL Insights (n.d.), 35% of the Fortune 500 companies are using sensory marketing as an integral component of their marketing philosophy. Following the trend and the great effectiveness of sensory marketing, the tourism and hospitality industry has invested greatly to deploy new methods of triggering customers’ emotions and sensations through their sensual advertisement campaigns. In this regard, one of the greatest examples of sensory marketing includes the “Singapore Girls” as depicted by the commercial titled “Across the World with the Singapore Girl” by Singapore Airlines (SingaporeAirlines11, 2011). The following section further highlights how the basic concepts of sensory marketing have been utilized in the ad.

Across the World with the Singapore Girl

Travelling is always a wonderful experience that leaves an emotional and unforgettable impression on travelers. Therefore, Singapore Airlines has targeted all the five senses of their customers i.e., taste, smell, touch, sight, and sound to create a powerful memory and earn customer loyalty. It can be observed from the ad that presents Singapore Girl as an iconic image of hospitality (SingaporeAirlines11, 2011). The three main senses that are targeted in this ad are sight, sound, and touch.

Visuals have great importance in any advertisement and therefore, to promote its business of traveling, the airline has provided fantastic shots from different parts of the world that automatically triggers the curiosity of the audience to visit them. This way, the company has created a need to provide its services.

The effectiveness of the visuals can be greatly enhanced with the right soundtrack. And this has been excellently implemented by Singapore Airlines in this ad. As one begins to watch the ad, it is almost becoming very difficult to switch the channel because the visuals along with the background music are so appealing. As the title suggest “Across the world…”, the Singapore girl is shown in various parts of the world with very beautiful visuals. This also shows that the company is offering travel services across the world. This is what exactly required for Airlines to attract their customers. Therefore, Singapore Airlines is among the most profitable airlines in the world.

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It is also important to note that the ad considerably depicts the Asian values of hospitality through Singapore Girl that is shown as an almost mythical status of caring, gentle, serene, and elegant. And in my opinion, the compassion and kindness of the Airlines staff are one of the most memorable experiences for the passengers. This way, the company is highly successful in developing an emotional experience of travel among the viewers of the advertisement.

Last but not the least, the uniform of the air hostess has also a great impact on the mind of travelers as it develops a sense of luxury and comfort to the passengers. These silks made uniforms successfully target the sense of touch of the passengers. Moreover, all the crew is obliged to wear such dresses and they actually meet with the color and designs of the interior cabins of the plane.


The most important elements behind the success of Singapore Airlines are its effective sensory marketing campaigns of which “Across the World with the Singapore Girl” is a great example. The ad interestingly triggers the sense of sight, sound, and a touch of the viewers and leaves a memorable impression on them that finally lead to their decision of choosing Singapore Airlines.


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