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Self Assessment Summary

1. What were the four options for taking or refusing the assignment?

Refusal of the assignment would have been the best move to make because the nurse did not have the current orthopaedics procedures and their side effects; she had worked in the section 10 years ago. The nurse also did not know how to read and interpret the basic cardiac monitoring strips and lack of knowledge of the existing treatment and care after the treatment.

2. Was this a situation in which you should have claimed Safe Harbor?

Yes. There was inadequate knowledge, abilities, and the required skills to engage in the assignment, which led to the death of a patient. The assignment was also unprofessional.

3. Other than Safe Harbor, what Board Rule should you have considered when told to take the assignment?

The Whistleblower Rule. By informing the committee on the assignment would have saved her from being forced to undertake the assignment.

4. Should the hospital have sent you to the Peer Review Committee before reporting you to the Board? If so, what Board Rule was violated?

To deal with the situation, the hospital should have decided against sending the nurse to the Peer Review Committee before taking the issue to the Board. Due to this, they violated the minimum due process Board Rule.

5. How should you have responded (from a legal/ patient safety/ license protection perspective) in response to each of these statements?

  1. “You will get a two-hour orientation.”
  2. “The monitor tech will be responsible for reading the strips.”
  3. “You need to be a team player, or you may suffer employment consequences.”
  4. A good orientation process to take care of the patient will require more than just two hours for me to deliver the best to the patients.
  5. The nurse is also responsible, even if it is the monitor tech who reads the strips. Both of them will be held accountable.
  6. I know that I am a team player. However, ethical nursing principles would not allow me to take care of all the patients alone. The hospital also has a primary goal of ensuring the safety of the patients.

I). Have you encountered a situation similar to the scenario in the Self-Evaluation? If so, how did you handle it?

A good number of nurses have encountered the same situation, including me. The first is to be aware of the necessary regulations that protect me as a nurse. First, I asked the assignment to be postponed until I get enough training on the assignment. I requested for the Texas Nurse Act to check whether the act was legal. The policy prohibited me from executing the task (Willmann, 2013). I decided to ask for the Safety Harbor to document everything that I was about to do and insisted on enough medical care for the patient. Since it was an emergency, I decided to use my basic knowledge to render my services to stabilize the patient and ask for the necessary advice later.

II). How does your State Nurse Practice Act address Nursing Peer Review situations?

The nurses are usually requested to adhere to the laws and regulations set by the Texas Nurse Practice Act. The Board has the power to confiscate the nursing license of any individual who does not practice according to the rules. This measure will ensure that the nurse will never render his/her services in any other state if found guilty. All the required procedures are always taken into consideration before making a final judgment on a nurse who has acted unprofessionally (Willmann, 2013).


Willmann, J. (2013). Annotated guide–RN to the Texas Nursing Practice Act. [Austin, Tex.]: Texas Nurses Association.



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