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Screening Response to various aspects of advertising and consumer culture


The kind of critique offered in the screening is constructive critique. In this case, the screening seeks to determine what other people say about Nile’s products and, therefore, determine what the company can do better. It is for this reason that the advertisements include interviews with different people, especially athletes, to determine how well the company has been doing in meeting the set objectives. It is expected that a company that wants to keep on improving must match the needs of the customers. Nike’s main customers are sportsmen, and thus, they deserve to be listened to. The opinion of the market is quite important in all the operations of the organization. The form of criticism is communicated through the various celebrities interviewed along the way. The question posed to the celebrities is quite neutral and requires them to give an objective answer. Therefore, the respondents are at liberty to provide an answer on their level of satisfaction regarding the services offered by Nike products. The responses given by the celebrities define the form of critique I received. In most cases, the athletes felt that the Nile products were excellent. However, some give various areas that could be worked on to make it better in the future.

What the screening reveals about advertising

The screening illustrates various aspects of advertising as well as consumer culture. The main aspect that comes out from the screening is customer manipulation. This is a customer culture that can be used to have them buy what they did not plan to buy through convincing. In this case, celebrities in the sports arena are used to manipulate the rest of the market to get the best shoes as well. They pose as having been the best beneficiaries of the products offered by Nike, and therefore, everyone else would benefit from it. This helped me to understand more about the value of an advertisement. In this case, I realized that advertisements are all about having people buy what you offer, irrespective of what they had planned for. In addition, I further understood that customers do not buy what they think is the best but what they are shown as being the best. Celebrities are quite influential in the society. For this reason, many people would want to associate with them by buying a similar product that the celebrities use. Advertisements are all about winning the customers’ willingness to buy what is offered to them.

A reaction to the screening

First, the screening is quite effective in attaining the trust and loyalty of the market. The use of celebrities to market Nike products works best for the advertiser. This is because celebrities are quite influential and thus would influence as many people into buying the said products. The use of an interviewing strategy also works well as the people give their opinions in an objective manner. Therefore, it becomes more convincing for the customers to purchase what is provided to them. Using the strongest athletes and the most successful ones works well for the company (Cruz n.p). This is because the market relates the success of the celebrities to the success and the quality of the Nike Products. It is, therefore, an effective strategy.

On the other hand, the screening incorporates lots of exaggeration. In this case, the celebrities only give opinions of the positive side of the company and the shoes. They are limited by the questions posed by the interviewer (Adamson n.p). Therefore, the level of objectivity is minimized by the strategy applied. To improve in such an aspect, the questions posed should be more open. This would ensure that better forms of answers are given and, therefore, better results attained.

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